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Where can you see the Calais dragon?

The Calais Dragon is a colossal construction 72 tonnes with spectacular mobility, designed by François DelarozièreHe was a creator and designer of spectacular street theatre machines. He quickly became a tourist symbol of the city.

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What to do at Center Parc Normandie?

A countryside of modern style cottages awaits you in Normandy. A pleasant stay in the Center Parks The Bois-Francs promises a unique adventure and an exhilarating experience. You will take the opportunity to visit the most beautiful sites in the area ...

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Why go to England?

Going to England for language training can be a very rewarding experience. This destination offers considerable advantages for learning the language and immersing yourself in English culture. In this article, we will explore the reasons why doing a language course in England can be a very rewarding experience.

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The 3 best destinations to charter a sailboat?

Going on a sailboat cruise is the promise of a real adventure. What's more, there is no shortage of places to hire the boat of your dreams in France. If you are short of ideas, take a look at the following suggestions. We've got you covered.

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