How do you plan your trip to the Philippines?

Whatever trip you want to take, it's important to prepare it well. This will allow you to leave with a clear head and make the most of your holiday. This time, we've decided to help you prepare ...

Discovering the Landes: a department between land and sea

Discovering the Landes: a department between land and sea

Ah, the Landes! When you think of this gentle département, you immediately think of its golden beaches and immense forests. And if you thought you knew everything about this little corner of the South-West, we've got something to surprise you. Follow us to ...

Practical guide to your roof tent

Practical guide to your roof tent

You've certainly seen those cars with tents perched on their roofs, haven't you? If you're tempted by the idea, welcome to our practical guide to roof tents. Make yourself comfortable and ...

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How do I get to Oran from Marseille?

Whether you're a seasoned traveller or embarking on your first trip to this exotic destination, we're here to help you plan an unforgettable Marseille-Oran flight. Oran, a fascinating coastal city in Algeria, ...

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Live like a local: opt for an authentic rental in Guadeloupe!

Get off the beaten track and plunge into the heart of Guadeloupe's authenticity by choosing a Guadeloupe holiday. holiday rental that will have you living like a local. Guadeloupe is a real jewel in the Caribbean destination enchanting, offering a wealth of culture, landscapes ...

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Top 10 must-do activities in Tulum, Mexico

1. Visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum

Perched high above the Caribbean Sea, the Mayan ruins of Tulum are a must. This ancient trading port, which dates back to pre-Columbian times, offers a fascinating insight into the past.Mayan history...

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Comprehensive guide from Valladolid to Chichén Itzá

ValladolidThis picturesque Mexican town is an excellent base from which to explore one of the world's most beautiful cities. seven wonders of the world, Chichén Itzá. Located around 45 kilometres away, this trip promises an impressive cultural and historical discovery.

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