Baie de Somme market

Bay of the Somme

Summer and holiday periods offer the opportunity to disconnect from routine and savour the moment by taking a stroll. Why not take the opportunity to stroll through the stalls of the Bay of the SommeYou'll be tempted by new flavours and fresh produce. What's more, you'll love the region's friendly atmosphere.

Bay of the Somme

Shopping in the Baie de Somme

The Hauts-de-France region offers a wide variety of local products. You can find everything you need at the market, from clothes, shoes and accessories to natural stone jewellery, soft toys and food.

Sur-Somme food market

The food market stalls of the Bay of the Somme are full of fresh and local productsThis includes seasonal fruit and vegetables, dairy products, fresh meat and fish.

Among these markets, the Saint-Valery-sur-Somme is particularly popular for its wide range of local produce and picturesque setting. You can also visit the Cayeux-sur-Mer market to taste regional specialities such as the famous beaten cakes. 

Artisanal market on the Somme

In the Baie de Somme, you can also discover craft markets which offer local products such as pottery, jewellery and textiles. Among the most popular with tourists and locals alike are the Quend-Plage market where many of the Somme's local producers and sedentary traders gather. 

Bay of the Somme

Night market in the Baie de Somme

The night markets in the region offer an excellent idea for a night out, whether with family, friends or loved ones. You'll be able to discover great products and perhaps even find some gift ideas, all while enjoying a pleasant evening.

List and market day in the Baie de Somme

Among the many markets in the region, here is a list of those we recommend. Just be aware that in the Baie de Somme, the market day varies according to the town or village. 

Market in Saint-Valery sur Somme 

In Saint-Valery sur Somme, the market day is Sunday morning on the place des Pilotes and on Wednesday mornings on the place du jeu du Battoir.

Market in Cayeux-sur-mer

If you wish to discover the Cayeux sur Mer marketYou can visit on Tuesdays, Fridays or Sunday mornings. 

Market in Ault sur Somme

If you wish to explore the Ault marketIt is located on the Place de Gaulle and takes place every Saturday morning.

Market at Fort Mahon Plage

At Fort Mahon BeachThe market takes place every Thursday. The local producers' market runs from 7am to 1pm and the craftsmen's market from 1pm to 9pm.   

Market at Quend Plage

The Quend Plage market is held every Monday and Thursday morning during July and August. Be sure to visit if you are in the area at that time.

Market in Le Crotoy

This market takes place every Friday morning on the Place Jeanne d'Arc. During July and August, another market is held every Tuesday morning on the Republic Street

Market on the Baie de Somme street

The weekly market takes place every Saturday morning. See you on the place de Verdun.

Baie de Somme market: a meeting place not to be missed

The Baie de Somme markets are renowned for their warm, friendly atmosphere. This atmosphere encourages locals and visitors to meet and talk while shopping. Musical entertainment and other activities are often organised, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Bay of the Somme

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