Renting accommodation

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A question about a furnished rental?

If you are looking for a furnished rental, you may be wondering what is included. Is the furniture included in the rent, or do you have to bring your own? What about bedding and other essentials? Are they provided or do you have to bring them with you? We can be contacted by phone at +33672144963 to answer you 7 days a week.

Furnished rental amiens

Renting accommodation in Amiens is a unique experience for tourists, who have the chance to live in another country and explore it from the inside. The rental programme in particular invites people of all nationalities to enjoy an authentic stay in France by living in an authentic atmosphere. With this option, participants can become immersed in French culture by exploring areas they may not have had the opportunity to see for themselves. During your stay, you can exchange ideas on different aspects of life and learn about other cultures through shared meals.

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