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Discovering the Landes: a department between land and sea

Discovering the Landes: a department between land and sea

Ah, the Landes! When you think of this gentle département, you immediately think of its golden beaches and immense forests. And if you thought you knew everything about this little corner of the South-West, we've got something to surprise you. Follow us to ...

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Camping Baie de Somme

The Bde Somme is part of the Picardy coastline, with almost 200 hectares of dune stretching over 70 km². Listed as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, this bay is a veritable nature reserve abundant in fauna ...

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Baie de Somme market

Summer and holiday periods offer the opportunity to disconnect from routine and savour the moment by taking a stroll. Why not take the opportunity to stroll through the stalls of the Bay of the Sommeand you...

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Golf Baie de Somme

Golf is a sport played in the open air with the specific aim of putting a ball into a hole using golf clubs. The Bay of the Somme offers a number of courses where you can enjoy this sport in ...

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What to do in Calais?

Calais is the main port of entry in the north of France for people travelling from the UK. It serves only as a transit point for most people travelling to Paris or other cities in France. However, ...

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Where can you see the Calais dragon?

The Calais Dragon is a colossal construction 72 tonnes with spectacular mobility, designed by François DelarozièreHe was a creator and designer of spectacular street theatre machines. He quickly became a tourist symbol of the city.

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What to do at Center Parc Normandie?

A countryside of modern style cottages awaits you in Normandy. A pleasant stay in the Center Parcs Les Bois-Francs promises a unique adventure and an exhilarating experience. You will take the opportunity to visit the most beautiful sites in the area ...

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