Road trip around Nantes: discover the hidden treasures of the Loire-Atlantique region


The Loire-Atlantique region is full of hidden treasures, offering a wide variety of landscapes and activities that are well worth discovering on a road trip. Whether you're passionate about art, history or gastronomy, these getaways are the perfect way to enjoy the best this region has to offer.

Escape to the banks of the Loire from Nantes

Venturing along the banks of the Loire from Nantes offers a captivating escapade in the heart of the region's historic and natural heritage, immersing travellers in an unrivalled enchantment.

However, you will need to have a driving licence to undertake this adventure. If you haven't yet obtained your driving licence, consider registering at a Nantes driving school or directly online at

Nantes, the capital of Loire-Atlantique and a veritable cultural nugget, is the ideal starting point for discovering the wonders of the département. Start your road trip with a visit to the famous Machines de l'île, before heading off towards the Loire and its majestic châteaux.

The Loire Châteaux route

All along the Loire, you'll find numerous châteaux that bear witness to the region's history and cultural heritage. Be sure to visit Château de Goulaine, Château d'Oudon and Château de Clisson, each with its own fascinating anecdotes and historical facets.


Let yourself be charmed by the richness of our wine heritage

After exploring the magnificent châteaux and admiring the picturesque landscapes of the Loire, don't hesitate to sample the delicious wines produced locally. Of course, be sure to enjoy these wines in accordance with the rules of safe driving!

Discover the Atlantic coast and its seductive beaches

Your trip wouldn't be complete without a diversion to the Atlantic coast, with its diversity and irresistible charm. From the famous Brière regional nature park to the salt marshes of Guérande, via the charming seaside resorts of Saint-Nazaire and La Baule, you'll be dazzled by the beauty of the coastal landscapes and the many activities on offer.

The Brière Regional Nature Park: an extraordinary nature getaway

This nature park is one of the most beautiful sites in the region and a must-see stop-off on your road trip around Nantes. Take the opportunity to discover the local flora and fauna and admire the traditional thatched cottages built of reed. To explore this site in an original way, why not swap your car for a boat trip?

The Guérande salt marshes: an exceptional heritage site

Beyond their picturesque appearance, the Guérande salt marshes are an integral part of the cultural and economic heritage of the Loire-Atlantique region. Discover the age-old techniques of salt production and appreciate the skills of the salt workers who perpetuate this unique tradition.

The seaside resorts of the Atlantic coast: relaxation and nautical pleasures

All along this road trip, you'll find sublime beaches where you can enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation. On the programme: swimming, water sports or lazing on the fine sand, there's something for everyone. If you're looking for a chic, belle époque atmosphere, stop off at La Baule, known as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Journey back in time: the historic villages of Loire-Atlantique

Continue your road trip around Nantes by exploring the typical little villages that bear witness to the different eras of local history.

The medieval village of Guérande

Guérande is definitely a must-see on your road trip through the Loire-Atlantique region. Stroll along its cobbled streets and admire the ramparts surrounding the old town. Don't miss a visit to the collegiate church of Saint-Aubin, a must-see monument with exceptional stained-glass windows.

The village of Le Croisic

Situated on a peninsula at the tip of the Atlantic coast, Le Croisic is a veritable jewel of nature and history. Discover its remarkable architectural heritage, with its old granite houses, picturesque old port and famous jetty offering a panoramic view of the ocean.

Continue your road trip in the Pays de Retz

Finally, don't hesitate to explore the Pays de Retz, located between Loire-Atlantique and Vendée. A land of legends and traditions, this region offers memorable experiences both in terms of the places you'll visit and the people you'll meet.

This road trip around Nantes will give you the chance to spend some pleasant moments of discovery and escape at the wheel of your car. From the banks of the Loire to the beaches of the Atlantic coast, via historic villages and unspoilt natural sites, each stage will be a delight for the eyes and the mind.

So get behind the wheel and let yourself be seduced by the hidden treasures of the Loire-Atlantique region!

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