They make a mistake and subscribe to Disney+ for 70 years instead of buying a trip to Disneyland...

Family dream turns into financial nightmare

A few days ago, a French family was the victim of a rather surprising misadventure. Planning to make their dream come true by taking their children to Disney World in FloridaUnfortunately, they ended up with a 70-year subscription to Disney+.

How did this happen?

The family had decided to book their trip through an online platform offering special deals to the famous theme park. However, once they had made their payment, they quickly realised that something was wrong: instead of a ticket for Disney World, they had taken out a long-term subscription to the Disney+ streaming platform. And not just any subscription: a 70-year contract giving them access to films, series and other exclusive content from the American giant.

The financial consequences of this error

This mistake could have disastrous consequences for the family's finances. It would appear that the subscription contracted in this way is difficult to cancel, resulting in a total cost of around 30,000 euros.

  • Initial payment : around 5,000 euros for the unfortunate reservation
  • Monthly fee : around 30 euros, i.e. 360 euros per year for 70 years
  • Total : almost 30,000 euros over the duration of the contract

No Disney World for children

Beyond the financial consequences, it is above all the children's disappointment that is highlighted by the family. Instead of realising their dream of going to Disney World, they find themselves with a season ticket that they don't want, and which jeopardises their travel plans.

Many Internet users have expressed their indignation on social networks, with some even suggesting launching a online kitty to help the family realise their dream despite this misfortune.

Disney+: a confusing streaming service

This is not the first time that the Disney+ platform has made news in unusual circumstances. Earlier in the year, we learned that Mickey Mouse had fallen into the public domain, leading the American firm to redouble its vigilance to protect its content and avoid unauthorised use of its iconic character.

In another case, a notorious hacker was sentenced to life imprisonment after hacking into and distributing exclusive Disney+ content free of charge.

Advice on how to avoid this kind of mishap

To avoid finding yourself in a situation similar to that of this family, here are a few tips:

  • Check source : before making an online purchase, make sure that the site is reliable and secure
  • Take your time: read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract or offer to which you subscribe
  • Contact customer service : if in doubt or if an error has been made, contact Customer Service quickly to obtain answers and try to resolve the problem

With these precautions and a healthy dose of vigilance, you can hope to make the most of your online purchases without any nasty surprises.

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