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travel for less

In order not to spend a fortune on a weekend It is important to know how to travel for less. Some tips will help you tosave money on large expenditures such as the transporton housing and food. Others will allow you to spend nothing at all. To do this, you don't have to follow what people are doing and you will get different results.

Travel for less by applying the golden rules

In order to travel cheaply, there are 4 basic rules :

1 - Travel to countries with a low cost of living

In which country do you think you would spend the least, in Norway or Serbia?

In Norway, you can stay at a price 5 times more expensive than in Serbia. The same applies to food. Therefore, choose a country where the cost of living allows you to treat yourself without emptying your wallet.

2 - Travel out of season

You can spend three times less if you choose to travel for less outside the tourist season. Of course, many activities will no longer be possible and many restaurants will be closed, but you will still be able to spend even less eating in your flat.

 3 - Opt for non-touristy destinations

A place that is not touristy does not mean that there is nothing to do. There are many countries that are not touristy and that are full of treasures.

 4 - Avoid using a travel agency

Even if organising a trip is not easy, do not use an agency. You will not have no freedom on the spotBecause everything is organised.

Travel cheaper by saving on transport

For most people, it is the transport that cost the most. Here are some tips on how to get around cheaply:

1 - Use a flight comparator

The price for the same destination can be different for different airlines. You just have to find a flight comparator reliable, easy to use and complete in order to get the best offer.

2 - Do some jumping jacks

This is one of the best tips if you want to travel cheaply by plane. You can save up to 50% of your initial budget if you are jumping through hoops.

3 - Look at the airports in nearby cities

Land from a nearby low-cost airport and finish by bus or train when flights between two cities are too expensive.

4 - Choose the right time to buy a ticket

Ticket prices are higher on Mondays and Fridays as these are the days of departure and return from weekends. It is better to choose the day when there is less demand, i.e. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

5 - Rent a car

You can also rent a car and compare rental prices carefully. This will be beneficial in saving your travel budget.  

Travel cheaper by saving on accommodation

Here are the tips for spending as little as possible on hotels or other :

1 - Sleep in a local's home

You can use the Couchsurfinga site that connects travellers from all over the world. In fact, there are some people who offer a piece of sofa to host those on the road.

2 - Lodging outside the city centre

The more you stay in the city centre, the more expensive it will be. Don't choose a place too far from the centre to éviter l’utilisation des public transport

3 - Negotiate the price

You can request a rebate to the owner of the rental of your choice. If you are told no, book anyway, but if you are told yes, you will save on your budget.

4 - Choose discount coupons

On the internet, it is possible to find discount coupons for the accommodation. You just have to be patient and look hard to save a few euros.

Travelling cheaper by saving on food

Below you will find tips on how to minimise your expenditure on food costs during your trip :

1 - Take your food with you

This applies when you travel to countries where the cost of living is higher. When you get on a ferry, for example, take your food with you to avoid spending money on the spot.

2 - Cook and eat in your home

Travelling should remain a pleasure and a discovery of the gastronomy of a country. But if you were to at least a home-made meal per day, the cost of your trip will be reduced.

3 - Avoid tourist areas

The closer you are to the city centre, the higher the prices. In addition, you can save up to 30% shopping outside of crowded areas.

Travel for less by saving on local activities

If you want to visit monumentsHere's how to keep it to a minimum.

1 - Take advantage of the free tours

Free organised tours are available in many cities. Just ask at the local tourist office and take the opportunity to discover the city for free.

2 - Visit the free monuments

There are several free monuments to avoid spending money on museums that are rarely very exciting.

3 - Take advantage of a discount

If you are job seekers or if you have under 26 yearsYou can get discounts everywhere. So remember to travel with proof of your status and take advantage of it!

4 - Group yourself

Interesting discounts for groups are offered by most monuments. Group together and save your travel budget.

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