How can I easily obtain a refund for a flight?


Air travel can be both exciting and stressful. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for flights to be delayed, cancelled or overbooked. In these situations, it's crucial to know your rights as an air passenger. Did you know that in many cases you may be entitled to a refund of flight ticket ?

Knowing your rights: the key to success

The European Union has established strict regulations to protect the rights of air passengers. These rules, which are often unfamiliar to the general public, can be very useful. For example, if your flight from Paris to Rome is delayed by more than three hours, you could be entitled to compensation of up to €400, depending on the regulations. EU261.

Conditions for obtaining a refund

Obtaining a refund for a disrupted flight is not automatic. There are several conditions you must meet to be eligible for compensation:

  • Flight origin and destination : The flight must depart from an airport located in the European Union, or arrive at an EU airport with a European airline.
  • Type of disturbance : Delays, cancellations and overbooking are the main disruptions for which compensation is payable. However, the delay must be at least three hours on arrival to be eligible.
  • Reason for disruption : If the disruption is due to extraordinary circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions, strikes or security problems, the airline may not be obliged to compensate you.
  • Deadline : You have up to five years from the date of the flight to make a claim, depending on the country of departure. However, it is always best to make your claim as soon as possible.
  • Information provided by the company : If the airline informed you of the disruption at least 14 days before departure, or offered you an acceptable re-routing, you may not be entitled to compensation.
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It is important to note that each case is unique. If you think you may be eligible for compensation, it is advisable to consult an expert or refer to the EU261 regulations for detailed information on your rights.


Steps to obtain a refund

1. Document everything As soon as you learn that your flight is disrupted, start taking notes. Note down the exact time of departure, the estimated time of arrival, and any changes or announcements made by the airline. Also keep all your travel documents.

2. Ask for explanations Approach the ground staff or crew to find out the reason for the delay or cancellation. Is it due to weather conditions? A technical problem? This information will be crucial to your request for a refund.

3. Contact the airline Before calling in external services, it's always a good idea to contact the airline directly. Some airlines are more cooperative than others, but it's always a good idea to give them a chance to resolve the problem.

4. Call in an expert : If the airline refuses your request or if you find the process too complicated, experts in air passenger rights, such as AirHelpcan help you. They'll take care of everything for you.

A concrete example

Let's say you've booked a flight to Bali for your holiday. You arrive at the airport, ready for your adventure, only to learn that your flight has been cancelled due to a technical problem. You're disappointed, frustrated and wondering how you'll be compensated for this inconvenience. This is where knowing your rights and getting expert assistance can make all the difference.

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In conclusion

Flight disruptions are unfortunately common, but that doesn't mean you should just accept them. By knowing your rights and being proactive, you can get the compensation you deserve. And remember, in the complex world of air passenger rights, it's always good to have an expert on your side.

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