5 not-to-be-missed cycle routes in and around Amiens: discover them now!

Amiens, a city of culture and history, is also an ideal starting point for discovering the natural and cultural riches of the surrounding area by bike. A number of alternative routes have been developed in recent years, allowing you to explore the region in complete safety. If you're looking for some great cycle rides around Amiens, here's our selection of the top five:

1. The green corridor

This first walk, accessible to all, offers a chance to immerse yourself in nature while remaining on the outskirts of the city of Amiens. Stretching for almost 50 km, the Green corridor mainly follows the old railway line that once linked Amiens to Beauvais. Ideal for an outing with family or friends, this walk offers a green and peaceful setting, with various rest stops along the way.

Places not to be missed

  • Parc Saint-Pierre, the city's green lung
  • Frémontiers peat bog nature reserve
  • The medieval village of Gerberoy

2. The hortillonnages

Famous for their canals and floating gardens, the Amiens hortillonnages offer an idyllic setting for a bike ride. There are several routes around the gardens, along the banks of the ponds and through the heart of these unspoilt natural areas. The hortillonnages can also be explored by boat, a different way of exploring the canals.

Places not to be missed

  • The Hortillons house and museum
  • The various floating gardens and bridges in bloom
  • Exhibition spaces dedicated to local artists

3. The Coastal Cycle Route

For lovers of authentic maritime landscapes, the Coastal cycle route is not to be missed. Stretching for almost 200 km, this cycle route covers several coastal towns in the Baie de Somme. You'll be able to enjoy a waterside getaway while discovering the wealth of local heritage and culture.

Places not to be missed

  • The Parc du Marquenterre, a renowned bird sanctuary
  • Le Crotoy and its wild beaches
  • The historic town centre of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

4. The Véloroute des Evêques

Inspired by local history, the Véloroute des Evêques links Amiens to the towns of Beauvais and Noyon, over a distance of around 150 km. This cycle route takes you through picturesque villages and historic monuments that bear witness to the region's rich religious past.

Places not to be missed

  • Amiens Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The fortified village of Bocquencé and its medieval castle
  • The collegiate church of Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protais in Gisors

5. The Véloroute de la Mémoire

To round off our selection, the Véloroute de la Mémoire offers a cycling tour steeped in history through the memorial sites of the First World War. Along this 70 km route, a number of museums and monuments pay tribute to those who died for France.

Places not to be missed

  • The Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux
  • Adelaide British War Cemetery
  • The Somme 1916 Museum in Albert

In conclusionAmiens and the surrounding area offers a wealth of possibilities for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a nature, cultural or historical getaway, these five routes will delight cyclists of all ages.

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