Amiens aspires to obtain the "Toutourisme" label to welcome our four-legged friends

The Green Key label on the rise in France

The Teragir association, which manages the Green KeyTeragir, the first international ecolabel for restaurants and tourist accommodation, has delegated the CCI network to carry out audits so that tourism professionals can obtain the label. The aim of this collaboration between Teragir and CCI France is to strengthen the label's audit capabilities as part of a dynamic of strong growth. In fact, there will be more than 20 % Green Key labels awarded in France by 2022. This international label for sustainable tourism, which has been present in France since 1998, is enjoying growing success in response to requests for certification.

Amiens candidate to become European Capital of Culture in 2028

In the same spirit of promoting responsible tourism, Amiens is in the running to become european capital of culture in 2028The new label will help to boost regional economies while giving a real boost to local tourism. This label will boost regional economies while giving a real boost to local tourism. The elected representatives of Amiens and the Somme firmly support Amiens' bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2028.

Why is Amiens seeking the "Toutourisme" label?

In addition to these initiatives, Amiens is also seeking to obtain the "ToutourismeThe aim of this label is to promote a welcome and services adapted to tourists accompanied by their pets. This label would enable professionals in the sector to stand out by offering a personalised welcome and specific services for pets, such as relaxation areas, water points and dedicated equipment.

Benefits for professionals and tourists

Obtaining the "Toutourisme" label has a number of advantages for local tourism operators:

  • Highlight their commitment to responsible tourism
  • Attract customers who are concerned about the welfare of their animals when they travel
  • Adapting their services to the specific needs of pets and their owners
  • Strengthen the competitiveness and attractiveness of establishments offering these services.

For tourists, this label is a guarantee of quality and confidence when they travel with their pets. So they can enjoy their holiday to the full without worrying about the comfort and welcome reserved for their companions.

What is being done to develop the "Toutourisme" label in Amiens?

Local authorities and tourism stakeholders are planning a number of initiatives to support this dynamic:

  • Raise awareness among professionals in the sector (hotels, restaurants, campsites, etc.) of the benefits of offering pet-friendly services
  • Set up specific training courses for professionals wishing to obtain the label
  • Create a local network of establishments with the "Toutourisme" label to facilitate communication and exchanges between professionals.
  • Promote the label to tourists through targeted communication campaigns.

Obtaining the "Toutourisme" label is a step in the continuum of actions undertaken by Amiens to promote sustainable and responsible tourism. In addition to its bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2028 and its efforts to obtain the Green Key label, this initiative reflects the city's ambition to Position ourselves as a committed and attractive destinationThis is a great place for both tourists and their four-legged friends.

Claudia Bernard

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