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The Amiens Cathedralthe main cathedral of FranceIt is the result of several hundred years' work. It has been listed in the world heritage UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its historical importance in wartime and its religious significance. This article will give you all the information you need to plan your next trip around visiting this incredible piece of architecture!

What is special about Notre Dame d'Amiens?

It is considered to be the archetype The classical Gothic style for the nave and the radiant Gothic style for the choir. The flamboyant Gothic style is present in the rose windows of the western façade and the transept, the upper parts of the north tower, the Beau Pilier, the stalls and the statuary of the choir enclosure.

How old is Amiens Cathedral?

The Amiens CathedralIt is a World Heritage Site and was built mainly between 1220 and 1288.

Chroma Amiens Illumination cathedral

What is Chroma? Chroma is the night show of Amiens Cathedral. You can see the old colours of Amiens Cathedral.
People also flock here for the incredible shows they put on on certain evenings of the week, during which the façade is lit up in different colours to the sound of music! If you're passing through the Picardie region or the Somme departmentWho wanted to build Notre Dame d'Amiens cathedral? 800 years ago, on a day in 1220, thebishop Evrard de Fouilloy decides to rebuild the Amiens CathedralIt was also decided to entrust Robert de Luzarches with the construction of the church, which had previously been destroyed by fire.

When was Amiens Cathedral built?

The construction of the Notre-Dame d'Amiens The church was built in the flamboyant Gothic style, beginning in 1220. Bishop Évrard de Fouilloy ordered his architect to build the largest sanctuary in Christendom. The south tower of the cathedral was completed in 1372.

Major restorations carried out on the interior and exterior of the cathedral

The great cathedral that we know today has seen its share of damage and patching up as a result of various events in the past.

The post-war re-development of the 19th century

At the end of the Revolution, the church needed to be refurbished following the damage it had suffered. This task was carried out by the architect Etienne-Hippolyte Godde and then taken over by François-Auguste Cheussey from 1821. François-Auguste Cheussey therefore entrusted the restoration of the disfigured statuary to Théophile Caudron and the two Duthoit brothers before resigning in 1848.

Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, who wished to restore the original majesty of this medieval monumentIn 1849, the architect took charge of the work. Between 1849 and 1874, he decided to incorporate elements such as the Ringers' Gallery, which were never originally part of the building.

Restorations carried out on the church from the 20th to the 21st century

From 1973 to 1980, a complete restoration of the monument was undertaken under the authority of André Sallez and then Alain Gigot, the chief architects of historical monuments. The work included refurbishing and replacing the absidiolesthe frame, the furniture and the arrowthe lightning rod and the symbolic rooster.

From 1994, the restoration of the church is sponsored by Amiens metropolis. Since 2010, the reconstruction of the entire outer facade has continued up to the northern arm of the transept. This was followed by the installation of the new altar at the transept crossing on 24 September 2011.

What is the largest cathedral in France?

This classic Gothic cathedral in the Hauts de France region is the largest of its kind in France. cathedral of France of its kind. It is a magnificent 13th-century architectural work, long and high, with slender pillars in an elegant nave that is 42.3 metres high and 14.6 metres wide. One can imagine a building 112 metres high and interior volumes twice as large as the cathedral Our Lady of Paris. It is worth noting that the total length, from tower to vault, inside this church exceeds 200,000 cubic metres, almost six times more than that found in St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, built by the Italians centuries ago! The spire of this cathedral is one of the oldest wooden and lead spires in France. As it reaches a height of almost 112.70 metres, it can be seen from a distance as you walk through the Amiens on foot or by car!

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