Airbnb addresses in Amiens to discover


Airbnb was originally Airbed and breakfast. It is a community platform for paying for the rental of accommodation from individuals, hotel businesses such as bed and breakfasts, hotels or gites and investors in rental property.

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Airbnb addresses in Amiens to discover

In recent years, theAirbnb à Amiens has been very successful. It is now one of the biggest platforms for people who would like to rent out their place or property. With AirbnbIf you want to explore the whole of Amiens, the list of places to visit is long. If you want to explore the whole of Amiens, the list of places is long. Here are some examples of places to see in the city the Notre-Dame d'Amiens Cathedralthe museum of Picardythe Jules Verne Houseon Amiens Métropole zoothe Tour Perret, the church Saint-Leu of Amiens, the Saint-Pierre Park, the Amiens Belfry, the Berny Hotel Museum.

Airbnb sum France

If you are planning to travel in the near future, make use of the Airbnb service. As basic it is an online database allowing owners to rent out their room, house or property for a specific period of time. Already, there are over 800,000 listings on the Airbnb. Each year, the number of advertisements increases at the end of the summer season.


House Swap Amiens

Amiens is a city located in the north of the France. This is one of the destinations most preferred by tourists who come to explore the North of France. It is also one of the largest cities in the Picardy region. This city has an interesting mix of old architecture, with its cathedral Amiens is a city of Gothic architecture with picturesque streets such as the emblematic Saint-Leu district. During your stay in Amiens, if you are looking for accommodation, there is no need to worry, there are several places to rent in the city centre or in the suburbs. Different price ranges are available to suit all budgets. There are also many places to rent near attractions such as Notre Dame Cathedral or the parc de la Hotoie.

Airbnb hortillonnages amiens

If you are looking for a place in the municipality to go on an excursion, the Amiens hortillonnages are a wonderful place to recommend. It is only an hour from Paris. You will find a unique feeling that you have never experienced anywhere else. The hortillonnages are located in the centre of Amiens, making them easy to access by train or by car. If you want to be in a quiet place, where relaxation is your only concern in the company of your loved ones or family, this is the place to be. It is a little paradise in the middle of city of Amiens, this place could certainly interest you.

Airbnb accommodation for 6 months in Amiens

If you are forced to spend 6 months in Amiens because of your job, or you just want to spend a little more time there to explore the city. Normally it is quite expensive to stay in a hotel with travel, food and all the other charges. If it's for one or two weeks, it's negligible, but after that it's a drain on your bank account. Airbnb is at your disposal to offer you a wide range of premises or accommodation to suit your budget. You will have your own little space without depending on anyone else and without exceeding your budget.

Airbnb Amiens cheap and cosy flat or studio

Looking for a flat or studio cosy and cheap in the city of Amiens? Airbnb is here to help you. The website ofAirbnb has put together a list of properties available for rent during your stay in the city. By accessing the page, you will be able to quickly find the place that best suits your needs.

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