The most beautiful skydiving spots


Do you like extreme sports? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here. But have you ever tasted the pleasure of skydiving? If you haven't already, it's time to give it a try. If you want to live this extraordinary experience, you might as well do it in style. We've found the best spots for a parachute jump. Unique locations offering some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of Europe through a idyllic setting overlooking the sea, the mountains, and the grand architecture of the whole of Europe.


Skydiving in France

Get off the beaten track with the strong feelingss of skydiving, there is nothing more unique to make adrenaline. Parachuting means jumping from an average altitude of 3,000 metres, but this height is nothing compared to the multitude of beautiful landscapes that await you. We can only advise you to make your first parachute jump. parachute jumping by the sea or in the mountains, for example.

For a first time skydiver, try the tandem jump. No previous experience is required. A monitor clings to you on the big jump. But first, he gives you an introduction to the course of the activity for about fifteen minutes. This short introduction is necessary if you do not have a CAP training.

After 20 minutes in on board the aircraftNow it's time for the real thing. You will jump at a speed of 200 km/h for 10 minutes before landing softly on the ground.

Top places to take the plunge

For an experience of a lifetime, you might as well choose the best place.

The Great East, near Strasbourg

Fortunately, it is possible to do this activity anywhere in France. If you are a thrill seeker, jumping in the Big East will do you good. Only a few minutes from Strasbourg, theHaguenau airfield offers a free-fall jump solo or tandem. You will pass the big jump at 1500 meters of altitude. From the top, you will discover a breathtaking landscape, with endless green spaces. And if you keep your eyes open, it is possible to see Germany from the blue sky.

To make sure you don't forget anything about this moment of discovery, the instructor gives you a photo and a video of your fall, a unique memory.

In the south-west, in Péronne

Are you looking for a place to do this outstanding experiencenot far from ParisSee you at Peronne. It is one of the spots closest to the Ile de France. By embarking on a parachute jump in the airfield of Péronne, in the Hauts de FranceYou'll take off on an unforgettable tandem jump. You will climb to an altitude of 4,200 metres and then descend without a drop, admiring an extraordinary panorama.

If you wish to make a last minute skydivingno worries. The region offers drop zones quite close to paris. A good idea for those who don't know what to do at the weekend.

A skydiving plan in Arcachon

For a unique adventure, take to the air in the Arcachon basinthe most popular natural site in the Gironde. You will start this experience in theVillemarie airfieldwhere you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor to give you a indication for skydiving. Open your eyes wide, because you are going to experience a strong sensation while flying over the Dune du Pilator the Arguin's whitethe ocean and the Great Lakes, the island of birdsand finally jump for a minute to admire the Gironde in all its splendour, between land and sea.

Jumping in soulac sur mer

Located 1 h 30 from Bordeaux, in the southwest of the FranceSoulac-sur-Mer offers a exceptional panorama from the air. You will start the adventure at theLa Runde airfield. Already on board the plane, you will be captivated by the view of theAtlantic Ocean and the Gironde. This already promises the intensity of the adrenaline that awaits you. To enrich this extraordinary experience, leave aside the classic parachute jump. Let yourself be tempted by the ocean drop to land the feet in the sand instead of the firm ground. You'll have the beauty of France's beaches in your sights on this adventure.

The gap in the Hautes-Alpes

Ending this adventure in style with a freefall jump in the gap-Tallard. Experience a unique jumping experience in the largest drop zone in the world. France. In fact, it is one of the world's most famous spots. You will be pleased to know that the season of the region makes it possible to parachute jumps all year round. You will jump between the Maritime Alps to admire a magical landscape, such as the snow-covered Mercantour peakwith the Écrins massif in the background to accentuate it all. From the blue sky, you will have a view of Dévoluyon the Lake Serre Ponçonand also the Céüse mountain.

Choose your ideal place to feel this extreme sensation, an unforgettable experience that you are unlikely to forget.

Discover tandem skydiving 

If you are looking for new thrills and you like extreme sports, in this article we propose you to discover an aerial activity that will give you these sensations. It is the discovery of tandem skydivingThis activity is one of the many ways to get laid.

You can enjoy magnificent landscapes in addition to the adrenaline-pumping sensations. Indeed, tandem skydiving is an activity that has everything you are looking for. 

To find the most beautiful spots, we recommend Adrenactive which is a very practical site. Adrenactive is clearly our first choice for a tandem skydiveYou can find a multitude of places everywhere in France allowing you to do this activity. 

You can also benefit from the best prices to make your first flight or to discover this new activity if you already know some extreme aerial sports.

You will be accompanied by a professional We have a competent team to ensure your safety and you will make your jump in the best possible conditions. Come and discover Adrenactive which will also allow you to find lots of other activities interesting things to do near you.

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