France is the world's leading tourist destination - 4 reasons


The France is located at the western end of theEuropeIt is a country of 67.39 million inhabitants with a surface area of 210,016 m². 

Since the 1990s, the France has become the most visited country in the world in front of the United Statesthe China and theSpainwith 89 million international tourist arrivals in 2017.

Each year, in addition to the visitors from abroadMany of the French tourists choose to spend their holidays on the national territory

Why is France a major world tourist power?

These are the reasons why the France still holds its place as a the world's leading tourist destination :


Its geographical location

Located in the crossroads of EuropeIt is a transit area to the north and south of Europe. The country is close to major tourist transmitters, and its position means that many tourists have to travel through it to get to other destinations.

In addition, the country has extensive coastlines with a variety of climates, as well as a vast mountainous area promoting diversity of activities.

Its rich heritage

The France has several ancient architectural heritage like old cities, the cathedrals such as Amiensart galleries, etc., and a rich cultural heritage such as the Lascau cavesx, the Loire Valley castleson Mont-Saint-Micheletc.

Sites full of history, 39 of which are on the World Heritage ListUnesco. Among these monuments is, for example, the Louvre Museum with over 9.7 million visitors per year, the Palace of Versailles with 7,322,000 visitors, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart with 11 million visitors or the Eiffel Tower with over 7 million visitors. 

The France is also known for its medieval townss, its villages alpines, its beachess, its seaside resorts and spass, its amusement parks and leisureetc.

The country has more than 300 animal parks where you can discover all the richness of the world's flora and fauna. It also has many botanical gardens, forests and natural parks as the Volcanoes of Auvergnethe gardenin exotique d'Èze or the forest of Fontainebleau.

To entertain your children, the country has many leisure parks as Disneyland Paris which attracts over 27,000 visitors a day, or the Parc Astérix with 1.3 million visitors in 2021, etc. A place with a landscape diversity that appeals to people of all ages.

His food and wine

The French cuisine refers to various gastronomic styles derived from French tradition, regional dishes and local products. The France has more than 638 starred restaurantswith great chefs who are recognised and respected for their expertise throughout the world.

Apart from that, people come in France to taste its haute couture pastry where ever more inventive recipes are offered. Among the most famous are the macaroon, the cabbage, the tarte tropézienne, the baba au rumthe paris-brest, etc.

You will also find regional products such as cheese (Roquefort, Bleu d'Auvergne, Camembert, etc.), cold meats (ham, black pudding, sausage, etc.) and fois gras.

In addition, the France is known for its 16 wine regions which produce world-renowned wines such asAlsaceon Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Provenceetc. These regions are very popular with tourists not only for the endless vineyards along the route, but also for the wide selection of fine wines with different characteristics.

Its major tourist cities

The cities in France have become major references in tourism. Indeed, the country has several cities and villages that are popular with many travellers, such as :

ParisParis is famous for its fashion houses, classical art museums, great monuments, etc. Moreover, Paris has no less than 30 million tourists per yearand is currently the 3rd most visited city in the world and if you are looking for a romantic place to stayParis is the ideal place.

Lyona French city that hosts approximately 6 million visitors per year. People go there to enjoy its local gastronomy and to see some of the emblematic sites of the ancient capital of Gaul. These include, for example, the cathedral Notre Dame de Fourvière, the Gallo-Roman Museum, etc.

Lourdeswhich also claims 6 million annual touristsIt is world-famous for the sanctuaries of Notre Dame de Lourdes and Le Domaine, a Catholic pilgrimage site. It is known worldwide for the sanctuaries of Notre-Dame de Lourdes and Le Domaine, a Catholic pilgrimage site. 

Toulousewhich is now an aeronautics and space capital and receives more than 5.6 million annual visitors. People love it for its gastronomy based on local products, just like its region, Occitania. It is also known for its sunny climate and its great historical monuments such as the Capitole, the Pont Neuf, etc.

Nice that attracts 4.3 million tourists each yearThe city has long attracted the attention of great artists such as the Nice painter Henri Matisse, or the painter and engraver Marc Chagall. The city has long attracted the attention of great artists such as the Nice painter Henri Matisse, or the painter and engraver Marc Chagall. Moreover, it has always summer known for its tourist interest, which in the 19th century was used as a winter resort by wealthy Britons attracted by its mild climate.

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