What are the advantages of renting a second home for holidays?

rent a second home

For great experiences during the holidaysIt is advisable to rent a second home. It is usually located in a pleasant and quiet setting. It is a source of pleasure and creates unforgettable memories. Holidaymakers can be convinced to make a decision that allows them to combine well-being and pleasure. The owners, for their part, know that they can easily receive an additional income.   

Supplementing your income

Renting out your second home is a way to build up an additional source of income. This may be necessary to carry out renovation work, renew your decoration or finance your own holidays. In fact, it has been shown to be as profitable as 35%. Holidaymakers prefer this rental offer because it includes furniture and equipment, among other things. Unlike empty houses, this type of residence is very comfortable. In addition, prices can be adjusted according to the attractiveness of the environment and the period. The length of stay is also a factor that can affect the price. Furthermore, if necessary, visit this site to make a reservation.

Manage your holidays simply 

rent a second home
rent a second home

Renting accommodation for the holidays can be very complicated. Indeed, it is necessary to fit it out, to take care of the procedures for renting it, to be attentive to the entries and exits. In short, it is imperative to be available, organised and to know how to put into practice the right advice for decoration. However, with secondary residences, it is possible to be easily accompanied by a rental management structure. With the help of the latter and the seasonal rental system, the owner has a lot of freedom. He also has the power to decide on the period of availability of his residence. The tenant, on the other hand, can take full advantage of all the features of the property. Depending on the terms of the contract, they can freely use the furniture, appliances and internet connection, for example. 

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Benefit from favourable taxation 

When the annual income is less than 32900€, the owner benefits from an allowance of 50%. This can be increased to 71% if they do not exceed €82200 and if it is a classified residence. On the other hand, if they exceed this figure, the owner of a temporary rental space will have to rely on the real tax system. In this sense, he/she is obliged to keep accounts to objectively deduct the expenses. It is, in fact, recommended to be accompanied by a tax expert. 

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