Find a 100% nature activity to do in the Baie de somme


Located in the department of Sum of the Hauts de Francethe Bay of the Somme is a great playground for experiencing activities nature. You can go bird watching, visit the Marquenterre Parketc. It extends over 70 km 2 and is recognised as a Grand Site de France since 2011. 



Visit the Parc du Marquenterre - Activity nature Baie de somme

Located in the commune of Saint Quentin en Tourmont and in the department of Sumon Marquenterre Park is a nature reserve of 200 hectares. It is also home to thousands of birds, which you can visit with your family or friends. Discover this ornithological reserve unique and out of the ordinary.

 The park is best visited on foot and there are three routes to choose from: green circuit 1h approx. 2 km, blue circuit 2h approx. 4 km and red circuit 2h30 about 6 km.

 A unique diversity of landscapes as a dune of almost 8 metres is offered by the Marquenterre Park. You will be able to see herons going back and forth in their nests. You can also find greylag geese as well as coots.

Visit the Parc du Marquenterre in a horse-drawn carriage - Activity in two Baie de somme

Allowing the discovery of the Bay of the Sommethe carriage ride is an original activity. It is led by two superb Boulonnais: Corail and Archie. Discover an exceptional place inhabited by an exceptional fauna and flora. Ideal for visiting the Marquenterre Park and explore the Bay of the SommeChoose the horse-drawn carriage ride, a natural activity.

Visit the Marquenterre domain - An opportunity to see the Hensons

You can admire the little golden horses of the Bay of the Somme. Considered the emblem of the Bay of the SommeThe Henson is a small, hardy and sociable horse breed. They are made for the great outdoors.

Visit a salt meadow sheep farm in the Baie de Somme - Activity child Baie de somme

Located in the Mont Saint Michel Bay and in Bay of the SommeThe sheep and lambs of the salt meadows are considered a rare species. Visiting this sheep farm is one of the activities children's favourites during a stay in the Bay.

You will have the opportunity to witness an exceptional moment, thelambing. It is the birth of the lambs and also an emotional sequence.

Discover the treasures of the Baie de Somme - Nature reserve baie de somme activity

This nature activity on the beach of Maye allows you to enjoy the joys of the Bay of the Somme. Small crabs and toothworms can be seen in this beach. Migratory birds also come here to rest and peck at the treasures of the bay.

Hiking in the Baie de Somme - Activity interior Baie de somme

Explore the footpaths on foot and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Discover the Bay of the Somme thanks to the Hiking of Le Crotoy. 

Located in the north of the Bay of the Sommeon Access to the sea path is a huge place to visit. You can take a divine walk and enjoy the diversity of nature between pine forest, sandy path and beach dune. 

Visit the Forest of Crécy - Activities family Baie de somme

Located in Crécy-en-Ponthieuat the gates of the Bay of the Sommethe Forest of Crécy is the largest forest in the bay. Home to a multitude of living creatures, it is a place of life covering 4000 hectares. Listen to the call of the birds and find the refuge of a bat or a vole. 

You can also feel the energy and positive vibes of nature by soaking up the scents ofhumusof moss and fern.

To discover its richness and diversity, there are 8 walks in Forest of Crécy These include the 2 ponds, the old oaks, the hallot, the tongue-bound and the muscardin, the large beech trees, the galandeaux and the enclaves.

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