How the weather affects farmers in Morbihan


The weather conditions have always had a significant impact on local agriculture and the town of Baud is no exception. Local farmers face challenges related to climatic variations, whether it be excessive rainfall or prolonged drought. Find out in this article the impacts that weather conditions can have on agriculture in Baud, Morbihan.


The consequences of heavy rains on vegetable crops

Heavy rains affect vegetable production in theWest of the FranceThis is particularly true in the Morbihan department. They cause many problems, particularly when the rainfall is too violent, vegetables lie on the ground and the flowers are damaged. The water can also gully and erode the soil on embankments and paths. In recent days, the average temperature has dropped with high humidity and low air pressure. The wind is blowing at around 10 km per hour with gusts, causing damage to crops weakened by the weather. To maintain stable production and ensure sustainable food supply despite the climatic challenges, local farmers need to find solutions.

Why is low sunlight harmful to plant growth?

Because the soil is soaked with water, the roots are saturated and the plants cannot absorb the nutrients they need for growth. In addition, the lack of sunlight or even cloud cover during this period limits photosynthesis (essential for vegetable growth). In other words, waterlogged soil and low sunlight is detrimental to the growth of plants, especially vegetables. To overcome this problem, several cultivation techniques are possible, such as pot cultivation, raised bed cultivation and hydroponics.

However, it depends on the geographical location of each farmer. For example, it rains less in the north of Morbihan than in the south in the afternoon. Whereas around Baud, there is a cumulus of higher rainfall.

The impact of excessive sunlight on cereal crops

When temperatures are too high, vegetables and fruit become weak and vulnerable. Since there is not enough water, the crops die and do not grow. Whether it is cloudy or sunny days, climatic hazards have a major impact on grain production. In the face of these challenges, farmers must be well prepared by following proper crop management techniques. They must refer to the weather conditions and find an effective solution adapted to the changing environment. At MorbihanIn the summer, rainfall was low and the year was marked by severe drought. This had an impact on crop quality. Visit covered sky was not sufficient to compensate for the lack of rain. Some farmers' production dropped by up to 30 %.

Stay informed about the weather forecast

All the farmers should regularly monitor the weather forecast to act immediately in case of bad weather.

Weather Lorient Morbihan France

This afternoon, the weather is very cloudy in Lorient. There is no precipitation and temperatures are between 15 and 17 °C. The wind from the west-southwest is fairly light at about 11 km/ h with gusts. Around 5pm, the sky is still cloudy.

Weather in the sky Pontivy Morbihan France

This afternoon, the sky is very overcast in Pontivy. No precipitation and temperatures between 12 and 19°C. The weather for the next 15 days in Pontivy will be spread out with some sunny spells, showers and rain. During the next 15 days, the wind will blow at 18 km / H and the gusts will reach 35 km/h. Sunrise is at 07:00 and sunset is at 21:00.


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