What to do in Amiens in 10 essential steps?

what to do in amiens

What to see in Amiens?

Nicknamed the Small Venice of the North, Amiens is the historic capital of the Picardy. It shows various historical monumentss, the alleys and picturesque districtsand hortillonnages hidden in the meanders of the Sum

What to do in Amiens at the weekend?

To spend a weekend If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in Amiens, you should definitely visit the various tourist sites that make the city so special.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Amiens

The Notre Dame Cathedral, Amiens is the largest in France The 145-metre long building is one of the country's most iconic buildings. 

The historic district of Amiens

The historic district enjoy a walk around the city cathedralDiscover the Amiens belfry on the Place au Fil, or the Renaissance façade of the Malmaison. You will also see the intriguing Dewailly clock. Then, at the bottom of the cathedral, you can see the various lanes along the canals with their picturesque houses, as well as the magnificent Rue du Hocquet.

The Saint Leu district of Amiens

The neighbourhood Saint Leu It's a charming place with its red brick alleys of varying shades and brightly coloured shutters. It is also a trendy and lively area, where you can find a variety of bars, restaurants and craft shops.

The hortillonnages of Amiens

The hortillonnages of Amiens Enjoy a boat tour through the 65 km of rivers and streams of the Amiens hortillonnages. You'll see majestic trees, many hospitable, beautiful raised gardens, wildflowers, small huts and houses populated with gardens. 

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The Jules Verne House in Amiens

The house Jules Verne the place where the famous writer Jules Verne. You will find the living rooms of the Verne family, with a beautiful garden winter light illuminating the surrounding rooms. All of the author's works are on display, as well as his tiny office, where he drew his inspiration, and his huge attic filled with treasure troves.

Amiens Zoo

The Amiens Zoo Take your children to explore this 7-hectare animal park in the Hauts de Francein Amiens. A calm place, nature and change of scenery, an authentic island of biodiversity, populated by about 700 animals, 120 of which are different species.

The Perret Tower

Today I would like to tell you about a very special tourist attraction in the city of Amiens: the Perret Tower. This tower has summer designed by the famous French architect Auguste Perret and is one of the most unique buildings in the whole city. If you are in Amiens, don't miss to visit this amazing tower!

What to do in Amiens today?

Apart from discovering the sights, you can also come and eat or drink at some of the city's good places:

The Italian Grocery installed in rue Henri Barbusse, a restaurant offering typical Italian cuisine, with a small shop selling Italian products, seasonings, etc.

The Himalayas 8 place Longueville, it is an Indian restaurant, with tasty and refined dishes.

The 31st The restaurant is located at 31 quai Bélu, a welcoming place offering local and homemade cuisine, based on fresh and seasonal products.

The gargoyle 13 rue Dusevel, on the cathedral square, a charming bar offering a wide selection of drinks. local beersand other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Alternatively, you can opt for a shopping dayin the rue des 3 caillouxThis is a pedestrianised, cobbled shopping street, where the biggest brands such as Zara, FNAC, etc. are located.

In addition, if you come during the month of December, you can participate in the largest Christmas market in the world. North of Francewhich is the Amiens Christmas marketA festive and festive moment not to be missed.

What to do in Amiens when it rains?

If you're visiting Amiens and the weather is bad, don't worry: there's plenty to do inside! From museums to activities, Amiens has something for everyone. Here is our list of best indoor activities in Amiens and our best selection ofactivities when it rains

How to get to Amiens?

Amiens is a town in the north of France, located about 100 kilometres north of Paris. It is the capital of the Somme department in the Hauts-de-France region. Amiens has a population of approximately 136,000. The best way to get to Amiens is by train. The city has its own airfield, but flying opportunities are limited. Amiens railway station is well connected to Paris and other major cities in France. Several bus companies also serve Amiens. If you wish to rent a carthe car rental between individuals is possible. If you are driving, Amiens is accessible via the A16 motorway. Once you are in Amiens, there is plenty to see and do. Visit the Amiens Cathedralthe Musée de Picardie or the Jules Verne House. You can also enjoy the city's parks and gardens, such as the Hortillonnages or the Parc Saint-Pierre. With its historical monuments and numerous green spaces, Amiens is an ideal place for a day trip or for holidays longer.

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