The Vélomaritime: a 1,500 km cycle route from Brittany to the North of France

The velomaritime

The velomaritime, l'EuroVelo4 or the Central European Cycle Route in France is a cycle route which is part of a cycle lane development programme.

The cycle route The 1500 km route from Brittany to the north of France passes through popular sites such as the Côte de Granit, Rose, Mont-Saint-Michel, the D-Day landing beaches, the D-Day cliffs, the cliffs of Étretat and the Bay of the Somme as an example Fort-Mahon-Plage, le Crotoy, Cayeux-sur-mer, Mers-les-Bains.


EuroVelo is a project or network of several cycle routes or cycle routes across Europe. 

 In 2020, it totals over 91,500 kilometres.

Origin and history 

The creation of a European network was first discussed in 1994 following the opening of the Danmarks national cykelruter (Danish cycle network) in 1993.

 The association applied for funding in 1997, the first opening was in 2001.

 The EuroVelo 19 is the latest to join the network at the moment.

Conditions to be respected for the EuroVelo

The European cycle routes must meet the following conditions.

It is necessary to use cycle routes regional or national of the countries concerned.

It is necessary to go through at least two countries.

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The minimum length must be 1,000 km.

It is necessary to have a identifiable and marketable identity.

The velomaritime

Véloroute Bretagne

In Brittany, the regional plan of its cycle routes has 2750 km of routes. The 1,752 km are included in the National Route Plan. cycle routes.

The major cycling routes in Brittany

In total, there are almost 2,000 km of marked routes.

La Vélodyssée, from Roscoff to Nantes

 With its 400 km, it links Roscoff to Hendaye.

The route is green and keeping a south-easterly course, towards Nantesyou will follow the thread of a preserved nature.

Route 2: From Saint-Malo to Redon

 An itinerary of 200 km to cross the bucolic Brittany of the canals.

Route 3: From Saint-Malo to Redon

 A route of more than 200 km in Inland Brittany. From Saint-Malo to Questembert.

The Vélomaritime, from Roscoff to Mont-Saint-Michel

 The velomaritime includes 430 km to follow the North Brittany coast between iodized spaces and mythical cities.

Route 5: From Roscoff to Nantes

 Close to the Breton coastline, with more than 400 km in sports mode.

Route 6: From Carhaix to Saint-Méen-le-Grand

You will discover the Inland Brittany (from west to east on 120 km).

Route 7: From Roscoff to Concarneau

 An itinerary of 150 km for the Finistère (From the English Channel to the Atlantic).

Route 8: From Saint-Brieuc to Lorient

 A crossing of the North Brittany to the South with a length of almost 200 km.

Route 9: From Mont-Saint-Michel to Nantes

 300 km to travel to the heart of the Marches de Bretagne.


L'EuroVelo 4 (EV 4) is part of a cycle route development programme. It links Roscoff to Kiev with a length of 5,100 km. 

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 The route passes through seven countries, the Francethe Belgiums, the Netherlands, l'Germanythe Czech Republice, the Poland and theUkraine.

 The French part of theEV 4 has a length of 1518 km. It links Roscoffen Bretagne to Bray-Dunes in the North.

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