How long does it take to get a Canada visa?


The visa Canada is an authorization to enter and stay in Canada. There are two types of Canadian visaseach of which varies according to the length of stay allowed. The visa electronic authorization, also called AVE (Travel Authorization The ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) is intended for EU nationals with a stay of up to 6 months. For non-EU passport holders, it is the visa on the passport. It is intended for Europeans wishing to reside in a country for more than 6 months.



Do I need a visa for Canada?

Most travellers need a visa or an AVE to travel to Canada, either by air or by transit through a airport Canadian passport. Others only need a valid passport to travel. If you are a French, Swiss, British, Belgian or EU national, you need an AVE for a period of validity of less than 6 months. French people who come to Canada for short professional assignments can also make this request. For other types of stay, the presence of a visa on the passport is compulsory, to be obtained from the VFS centre by yourself, without an intermediary. You must present the type of travel document with which you will be travelling, the country in which the document has been summer The documents must include your name, address and telephone number, the name of the airline you are travelling to, your nationality and the type of transport you are using to get to Canada. If the documents are not complete, your flight may be cancelled or delayed.

How to get a visa for Canada quickly?

There are many reasons for choosing Canada as a destination country. Reasons can be the possibility of employment for French speaking immigrants, an excellent country to start a business or for the service that supports immigrants. Education, security, freedom and Canadian values can also be reasons for choosing Canada.

However, to obtain a visa easily and quickly, the visa electronic AVE or ETA is the most recommended. This type of visa The electronic payment system is the easiest and fastest way to travel to Canada in a secure manner. The method is simple, just Fill in the form online application form. You will then receive your e-visa AVE directly electronically.

It is important to know that not all countries are eligible to apply for an ETA, so it is best to find out which countries are eligible. eligible countries with making any application. French and Belgian passport holders are allowed to apply, otherwise you must apply for a visa with the Canadian Embassy.


What is the processing time?

The request for visa for Canada is processed when the embassy receives the application and ends when a decision is made. If your application is sent by mail, the processing time begins when it arrives in the mailroom. If it is sent online or in person, processing begins when you submit the application. Processing times may vary depending on the type of application submitted, the status of the application, identity verification, and many other factors.

How do I know if my application for a Canada visa has been accepted?

An acknowledgement of receipt is sent to the applicant when processing begins, followed by an application number. L'acknowledgement of receipt is sent when the application is open and the file is complete. Your application will be returned to you if it is incomplete, if it is not followed by payment of the fee or if the application is received after a programme has been interrupted or closed, or a limit has been reached. It is also possible to track the progress of the application to obtain information.

How long does it take to get a student visa in Canada?

The study permit (EP) is a document that authorizes the owner to live in Canada for study purposes until the end of his or her validity. Possession of a study permit for Canada does not authorise theentry to the territory Canadian, it requires a visa temporary resident permit to be presented at a port of entry. All foreign nationals who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada are required to have a study permit. 

The average time is between 1 and 2 months for online applications processed in Canada, not including postal delays for returning the permit. Mail-in applications take much longer. For applications processed at a Canadian visa office, the time can be processed in a few days to several months.

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