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Sometimes overlooked, checking the number of blank pages left in your passport is crucial when you're planning a trip abroad. In fact, many destinations require a minimum number of pages to be available in order to apply the stamps and visas you need to enter and leave the country. Find out in this article which three countries require at least three blank pages before you can travel.

The importance of blank pages in your passport

A blank page is defined as a page on which there are no visa stamps or ink marks. The authorities in different countries often impose specific rules on the number of blank pages or the minimum period of validity of a passport to avoid problems during your stay. This may be for administrative reasons, such as affixing visas that can occupy up to two pages, but also for security reasons or to ensure that travellers can be traced.

  • Don't forget to check the entry requirements for your destination country before you leave.
  • Validation and renewal of all passport details (signature, photo)

Three countries with strict requirements

Take particular care if you are planning to travel to any of the following countries, which require a minimum of three blank pages:

1. China

For travellers wishing to visit mainland China, the passport requirement is fairly strict: it must have at least 2 consecutive blank pages and still be valid 6 months after the date of the visa application. Photocopies of hotel reservations and return flight tickets or reservations are also required.

Note that there are visa exemptions for stays of less than 15 days between 01/12/2023 and 30/11/2024 and for stays of less than 90 days in Hong Kong. What's more, visas are not required for stays of less than 72 hours or 144 hours in certain cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai.

2. India

India also requires your passport to contain a minimum of three blank pages for affixing the necessary visas and stamps. This requirement applies equally to tourists people travelling to India for professional or family reasons.

In addition, children who have reached the age of 15 must obtain their own individual passport to travel to India.

3. South Africa

If you are planning a trip to South Africa, make sure you have aat least three blank pages in your passport. This requirement is designed to facilitate formalities for entering and leaving the country.

If you fail to comply with this condition, you could be turned away at the airport or even face legal complications during your stay.

Preparing for your trip

To avoid any unpleasant surprises the next time you travel abroad, take the time to check the conditions for entering the country and the conformity of your travel documents. To do this, consult :

  • the official websites of the embassies or consulates of the countries concerned,
  • online discussion forums for experienced travellers,
  • your contact at one of our travel approved,

Finally, make sure that your passport is generally in line with international standards (no signs of wear, recent passport photo, etc.) to avoid any problems when checking documents.

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