A night at Amiens Zoo is just around the corner!

Spend an unforgettable night at Amiens Zoo

Have you ever dreamt of spending a night in a zoo, surrounded by wild animals, while enjoying the comfort and exclusivity of top-of-the-range accommodation? This unique experience will soon be possible at Amiens Zoowhich is preparing to open lodges where visitors can sleep as close as possible to the animals.

Luxury lodges for total immersion in wildlife

Inspired by the success of the ZooSafari in Thoiry, where visitors can stay in premium lodges facing the elephants, the managers of Amiens Zoo have decided to offer their own original concept. The future lodges will be ideally located to enable visitors to observe different species of animals from their private terrace, thus ensuring a unique experience. immersive experience and a change of scenery.

A project in line with environmental concerns

In addition to its tourist and entertainment value, this project also aims to raise visitors' awareness of environmental issues and the need to preserve biodiversity. In this way, Amiens Zoo aims to make its accommodation a place of learning and exchange about the problems associated with biodiversity. animal protection and preserving their natural habitat.

A controlled ecological impact

As part of its eco-responsible approach, Amiens Zoo will make sure that the lodges are built using durable materials and respectful of the environment. The establishment is also committed to putting in place measures to minimise the impact of its accommodation on the animals living in the park, while offering visitors optimum comfort.

A new offer that should boost attendance at the zoo

This innovative system should contribute to the success and reputation of Amiens Zoo, which is already enjoying record numbers of visitors. In fact, the favourable weather and the large number of births in recent years have led to extraordinary growth in the number of visitors. With this new offer, the park hopes to attract even more curious visitors who come to discover the wild fauna in a unique setting. idyllic setting.

  • Luxury lodges : with all the comforts you need to spend a pleasant night close to the animals.
  • Immersive experience : The private terrace allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of the wild fauna.
  • Environmental concerns : raising awareness of ecological issues and the problems of preserving animal species.
  • Controlled ecological impact : use of sustainable materials and implementation of measures to minimise the impact on animals living in the park.
  • Boosting visitor numbers : a new, attractive offer to attract an increasingly curious and passionate public.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that the opening of these lodges at Amiens Zoo will be a real attraction for animal, nature and adventure lovers. This innovative concept will offer a unique and unforgettable experience, while helping to raise visitors' awareness of contemporary environmental challenges. There's no doubt that this initiative will appeal to a wide audience and boost the park's popularity even further!

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