10 reasons to visit Amiens Zoo

amiens zoo

The Zoo of Amiens is a French animal park located in the Tops of France à Amiens. A exceptional site A 7-hectare park close to the city centre, where flora and fauna meet along the water's edge. An island of biodiversity populated by 500 animals 120 different species, from 140 plant speciesand 1.2 million litres of water in the California sea lion tank.


But what are the different reasons why you might want to visit this place?

Its 500 animals of 120 different species

What could be more extraordinary than to discover rare and endemic animals that you don't see in everyday life? Animals that you will only see in this large animal park inAmiens. You will discover 32 species of mammals2 species of fish55 species ofbirds10 species ofamphibians and reptilesand 3 species ofinvertebrates.

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His admirable commitments

The zoo of Amiens is assigned to 3 missions including the species conservation, l'public information and educationand the scientific research. To do this, he joined theEAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums), theAFbPZ (National Association of parks zoologicals, and the CSIO (Conservation of species and animal populations). The latter is the most important, as the zoo is very sensitive to the rescue of forgotten and endangered species, which are nevertheless in very critical situations. 

amiens zoo

Its high natural biodiversity

The Zoo of Amiens is located in the environment of the Petite HotoieA huge wetland area with 100 year old trees, close to the city centre. An exceptional place with a extremely rich local wildlife. The censuses of recent years carried out by the association Picardy Nature, showed nearly 100 species, including 30 species ofbirds8 species of chiropterans of the 12 species of bats found in the Sum, 3 rodents, 4 amphibians, 2 reptiles, 44 insectsand 3 arachnids, 1 gastropod, 5 shellfish all sowbugs.

Its bridge between cultures

For 30 years, the zoo of Amiens is a cultural siteA programme of theatre, dance, music and various art exhibitions. The zoo is an atypical place, where one comes face to face with the wild living being.

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Its image as a historical site

Behind the Amiens Cathedralis the second most important tourist site in the SumIt is the most frequented paying venue in the department.

For a moment of sharing

Whether it is in the family, among friendsor in in loveyou can share an unforgettable moment by visiting the zoo. You will discover the specificities of the place, but also your children will be delighted to see all these unusual animals. As a couple, you will experience a romantic moment, walking hand in hand through the alleys of the zooand contemplating this magnificent biodiversity.

For a relaxing moment

What better way to get away from the daily grind and routine than to discover the zoo and spend a pleasant moment in this place which combines quiet, nature and change of scenery. You will leave dazzled, entertained and relaxed.

For the various events

The tours are guided by a scientific mediatorThere are also workshops and games for children. In addition, adults can go behind the scenes of the zooand walking around in in love to understand breeding, or spend a day as a carer.

For an educational moment

Apart from the discovery of animals, there are caretakers which teach visitors about the life of animals: what they eat, how to raise them, how to care for them, etc. 

For tariffs

The zoo offers you a visit to the special rates to your means. In addition, it offers a reduced rate for jobseekers (high school students, students, etc.) and Amiens métropole employees and their children.

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