Discovering Eguisheim: a journey to the heart of Alsace's charm


Eguisheim is a charming little town located in the Haut-Rhin department in Alsace. The municipality is surrounded by green hills and picturesque valleys, dotted with villages historical, of castles and monasteries. Get ready to visit Eguisheim and its surroundings and discover a range ofactivities that will give you a unique and unforgettable experience.



What to do in and around Eguisheim?

Eguisheim and its surroundings are full of cultural, historical and natural treasures to discover.

Take a walk in the city centre

The town centre of Eguisheim is organised into concentric circles. The cobbled streets are lined with colourful half-timbered houses with pointed windows and wrought iron balconies. Red-tiled roofs and facades adorned with frescoes and sculptures punctuate the town's picturesque charm.

Eguisheim Town Hall

The Eguisheim town hall is located in the town's central square. Built in 1575, this building is a fine example of renaissance architecture alsacienneIt has a pointed roof and mullioned windows. Admire the frescoes on the walls of the council chamber and the wedding hallIt has retained its original decoration. You can also see the coats of arms of the various lords and families who have ruled the town over the centuries.

A restaurant to eat in and around Eguisheim

Taste the Alsatian cuisine distinctive rich in flavours and traditions. Enjoy sauerkraut, flammekueches, baeckeoffe, kougelhopf or pretzels accompanied by Alsatian wines. The region is also famous for its production of craft beerwhich is often served with specialities culinary local.

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Attend the Christmas market

During the festive season, the city is transformed into a Christmas market fairytale. The streets are decorated with colours, lights and Christmas trees. Find a wide selection of handicraft productssuch as Christmas decorations wooden toys, jewellery, pottery and other products. culinary local.

The 3 castles of Eguisheim

The Three castles of Eguisheim are a group of medieval fortresses located on a hill above the city. The Château Saint-Léon is the oldest, with foundations dating back to the 8th century. Next to it is the Wahlenbourg Castlebuilt in the 13th century. Then discover the Dagsbourg Castlethe largest and most impressive of the three.

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

Perched on a hill, be prepared to climb stairs to reach the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle. This effort will be rewarded with panoramic views spectacular views of the surrounding hills and the Alsace plain. The castle has several exhibitions and historical rooms that trace the history of the region. 

How to visit the village's wine cellars?

Alsace is a wine-growing region reputation and Eguisheim is no exception. Discover the wine cellars of the city and its surroundings where you can taste the great wines local.

Wine cellar of Eguisheim and its surroundings

Visit the region's cellars, estates and wine trails. Alsace wines are made from grape varieties such as riesling, gewurztraminer, muscat, pinot gris and pinot noir. Taste the different great wines to detect the subtleties of each grape variety. Discover also the cultivation of the vine, the stages of production as well as the techniques of wine making and tasting.

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The wine festival

The wine festival is an annual event (end of August or beginning of September) where local winemakers present their products and offer tastings to visitors. During the event, the streets are decorated with garlands and flags, and animations musical and folkloric events take place throughout the day and evening.

The Alsace Wine Route and the surrounding villages

The Wine Route Alsace and the villages neighbours such as Ribeauvillé, RiquewihrColmar and Eguisheim offer a unique experience for history, vintage and culture lovers. It is a must-see destination to discover the beauty of the region and its rich heritage.

Which Alsatian village to visit: Eguisheim, Ribeauvillé, Colmar or Riquewihr?

In addition to the medieval village of Eguisheim, visit the villages neighbours. Ribeauvillé is a picturesque place located at the foot of the Vosges mountains. It also has a castle that overlooks the town and offers a panoramic view on the surrounding vineyards. Riquewihr is surrounded by ramparts and has a large number of traditional houses Alsatian women and historic buildings. It is also known for its production of Riesling and Gewurztraminer.

Hiking or camping in the Vosges

The Vosges are a mountain range located about an hour's drive from Eguisheim. It is an ideal place for in love nature and also to make hikingof the campingThe landscapes of the Vosges are varied, with many different types of forests dense lakes from mountainThe area is full of waterfalls, green meadows, rocky ridges and breathtaking panoramas.

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The Unterlinden Museum in Colmar

Finally, for history lovers, visit the museums in Colmar. The Unterlinden Museum for example, houses a collection of art and historical objects with a wide variety of pieces ranging from the prehistory to the present day. Explore the museum's galleries and discover European masterpieces. Don't miss the temporary exhibitions featuring contemporary artists and thematic exhibitions. The gardens The museum also offers a peaceful setting for a walk with its flowerbeds, fountains and sculptures.

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