Here's the most disappointing city for tourists in 2024: I wouldn't have bet on it!

Dans cet article, nous allons vous présenter la ville qui a été élue comme étant la plus décevante pour les tourists en 2024. Cette information pourrait être très utile pour les personnes qui planifient leur prochain voyage à travers l’Europe en cette année dynamique où de nombreuses liaisons à grande vitesse sont disponibles grâce à la fusion récente de Thalys et Eurostar.

The least popular European city in 2024

According to a survey of international travellers, the European city that generates the least interest and is considered the most disappointing for tourists in 2024 is Amsterdamthe capital of the Netherlands. Although it can be reached quickly from Brussels via the new Eurostar high-speed lines, the Dutch city still fails to fully seduce its visitors.

Why is Amsterdam such a tourist disappointment?

  1. Visitors' expectations are too high
  2. A declining cultural offer
  3. The impact of tourism on local quality of life

Alternatives to Amsterdam for a successful stay in Europe

If you are looking for more authentic and pleasant European destinations, here are a few suggestions for your next trip:

  • Cologne (Germany) : Il s’agit d’une ville animée proposant une offre culturelle intéressante, notamment grâce à ses nombreux musées et monuments historiques. En moins de deux heures depuis Bruxelles avec Eurostar, vous pourrez y découvrir la cathédrale de Cologne, un chef-d’œuvre de l’architecture Gothic.
  • Brussels (Belgium) The Belgian capital is renowned for its architectural and cultural wealth. You can visit the Magritte Museum, dedicated to the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, or take a stroll through the picturesque streets of the Marolles district.
  • Rotterdam (Netherlands) Brussels: Located around two hours from Brussels via Eurostar, this port city boasts bold, modern architecture that is sure to appeal to lovers of originality. Don't miss a visit to the famous Euromast tower and the astonishing Markthal, a covered market in the shape of a gigantic arch.

Plan your trip in advance to take advantage of low fares

To take full advantage of Eurostar's high-speed connections, we recommend that you plan your journey well in advance. That's because tickets for journeys between Brussels and the other European cities mentioned above are generally available at attractive prices if you book early. This way, you can travel quickly and cheaply while discovering less touristy destinations that are just as captivating.

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