But what is this city, considered to be the Venice of the North?

Known by the nickname Venice of the NorthThe city of Amiens offers an exceptional setting for those wishing to enjoy accommodation with an uninterrupted view of the canals that run through the Picardy city. Flats in Amiens with a view of the canals are very popular because of their setting and the miles of walks, cycle rides and boat trips along the water that their exteriors offer.

In the heart of the Saint-Leu district

The charming Quartier Saint-Leu is undoubtedly one of Amiens' most emblematic districts where life is good. Situated between the town centre and the Hortillonnages, this historic district of colourful houses, small stone bridges and cobbled streets invites you to relax and stroll along its pedestrianised streets lined with canals.

Tastefully renovated homes

There are many loft-style flats here, which have been carefully restored while retaining their charm of yesteryear. Exposed beams, spacious rooms, light and high ceilings are just some of the architectural features that add to the cachet of these properties, which generally feature large living areas overlooking the canals.

A haven of nature in the heart of the city

Moving into a flat in Amiens with a view of the canals also means enjoying a unique setting in which to recharge your batteries and take advantage of the many events organised along the waterfront throughout the year. For example, there are floating markets animated by the hortillons, the market gardeners who cultivate their allotments in the middle of the channels.

The advantages of living near Parc Saint-Pierre

Parc Saint-Pierre is located in the immediate vicinity of the Quartier Saint-Leu and is the focal point of the Hortillonnages d'Amiens. With its 22 hectares of greenery and expanses of water, it's a great place to relax and enjoy your leisure time.

Walks and jogging along the canals

With its pedestrian path winding through green passes and poppies, its paths along the lakes and its multitude of diverse natural spaces that make up this green setting on the edge of the city centre, the Parc Saint-Pierre offers an unrivalled quality of life for those looking to buy a flat in Amiens with a view over the canals.

Water sports activities in the Hortillonnages

Just a stone's throw from the flats in this area, you can hire a canoe or an electric boat for a leisurely stroll through the market gardens, take part in the rowing regattas or enjoy a sporting activity in the heart of nature in the Parc Saint-Pierre.

Living on the banks of the Somme

As well as the central canals that criss-cross the city of Amiens, it also offers an undeniable attraction for those wishing to buy a property with a view of the river and its meanders. The flats built along the quays offer a peaceful atmosphere that lends itself perfectly to moments of relaxation and observation of the local flora and fauna.

Small shops and waterfront terraces

These characterful urban landscapes are all the more appreciated by residents for their proximity to the food shops, bars and restaurants specialising in local produce that grace their homes. terraces splendid views over the water. So sharing a meal with friends in front of the lights The glittering canals are just a stone's throw away from many of Amiens' flats.

Soft mobility as a way of life

Flats located near the canals and the Somme in Amiens also offer short journeys between home and the city centre, thanks to the many cycle paths along the quays. Cycling is an excellent way of getting around traffic jams and adopting a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

In short, choosing to live in a flat in Amiens with canal views not only offers accommodation in a peaceful, leafy setting, but also a chance to enjoy the everyday pleasures that make the Picardy town such a charming host, at the centre of countless discoveries, activities and outings for friends and family.

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