Couple fined 550 euros for travelling with their children outside the school holidays

Prioritising financial savings at the expense of children's schooling

Saving money on plane tickets and hotel rooms was the aim of a British couple when their two children skipped school at the start of the new academic year in order to spend a holiday in Florida. Jessica and Paul Bensonliving in the coastal town of Redcar in the north of England, have learned the hard way that schooling is taken very seriously across the Channel.

Destination Disney World in Florida

On two occasions, the two parents decided to travel to the United States with their children in order to take advantage of the low prices on offer at the start of the new school year. The choice of period was not insignificant, since the prices of hotel rooms and plane tickets were much lower in September than in August, as the daily Metro reports. Their chosen destination was the famous theme park Disney World in Orlando.

Costly consequences

Unfortunately for the parents, this decision to travel with their children outside the school holidays meant they had to a fine of £480or around 550 euros. The British education system imposes severe penalties on parents who fail to get their children to school on time.

Unexcused absence

This absence was not considered justified by the school, angering the Bensons. However, it should be noted that the British authorities are generally intransigent when it comes to respecting the school periods set by the national education authorities. Cases ofunexcused absence are therefore systematically punished, contributing to a certain rigour in terms of monitoring and the seriousness given to pupils' schooling.

A deterrent for other parents tempted by "illegal" savings

  • Priority to schooling : This case reflects the determination of the British authorities not to tolerate unjustified absences, even if they are for financial reasons.
  • Compliance with obligations : Parents need to be aware of their responsibilities and take full responsibility for the consequences of their choices, including financial ones.
  • Deterrence : The example of the Benson couple could encourage other parents to think twice before taking similar decisions, even though holiday rules are flexible in their country of origin.

In sumthe Benson case is a reminder to all parents who use tricks to save money on holidays at the expense of their children's schoolingthat schools are an essential element in the development and fulfilment of future generations and must never be neglected for material or financial gain.

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