Car rental between individuals: how does it work?

car rental between individuals


How to rent a car between individuals and on which website?

When a car is not in use, it can be rented to individuals for 90 % of the time. In this way, the owner can use and enjoy these moments to the full while avoiding the costs of maintaining their own vehicle!

The car hire company

The owner has a car, but he does not use it all the time. He has to define all the features so you can have the best driving experiences :

  • Vehicle characteristics: age, comfort and number of seats.
  • Technical details on engine size, fuel consumption, type of engine, etc.
  • The conditions imposed on the hirer, such as where they can be hired at an agreed rate for a certain period of time, during which they will have their own car at their disposal

The tenant : Book a car to a private individual

The car rental between individuals is often the best way to move to an unfamiliar city. The tenant who chooses this option should make sure that he or she has enough money and time before you leave and basic driving knowledge, such as the UK government's driving test certificate!

Car reservation

In order to decide which car to rent, the hirer needs :

  • Compare the prices and features of the different vehicles available at the desired location
  • Contact a landlord if they know someone who has one to rent (or vice versa)
  • Book your car by credit card on the rental site between private individuals and you can choose from all the vehicles available.

To rent the car, it is sufficient to make arrangements with the owner. The hirer will then go to the reserved parking space and take possession of the vehicle.

Car rental platforms between individuals

The various rental platforms act as intermediaries between renters and owners. They allow the hirer to insure their vehicle during the rental period, which is not possible with a traditional insurance policy due to its high cost or lack of availability in some cases (e.g. abroad). In many cases, these companies will be used to draw up the details of the contract, such as payment terms, for the use of both parties involved; despite this role, there is no guarantee that a specific site will have exclusive rights to certain types of business, as each may vary depending on the terms of the agreement set by them alone!

Commissions from rental platforms

They will take a commission on bringing two interested parties together, often 30% They will also pay 70% to the landlord-tenants for their services in organising this tenancy and making sure that everything goes well for the best driving experiences !

Car rental application (Drivy or Ouicar)

To make it easier for rental companies and owners, some companies offer a box that can be installed in your car without you having to give any access codes. This small on-board computer records the number of kilometres you have travelled during your mission!

Unlocking with the app will also open all the doors: no more fumbling with keys or wondering if they're still there when you need them most (and who has the time?).

For holidaysan unforeseen trip or a small weekendthe tenant who chooses the car rental between individuals must :

  • compare available cars around the desired address; for example Amiens.
  • contact one or more owners ;
  • book the chosen vehicle by credit card on the website of the car rental between individuals.

Car rental between individuals: in case of a problem

You are considering a car rental between individuals rather than a rental company? While this may be more cost-effective, it also carries some risks. Before making your decision, be sure to weigh up the pros and cons.

Insurance car rental: accident or vandalism

Whether it is an accident or vandalism, the insurance of the company of des rental platforms will repair your vehicle and repatriate you. The cost of repairs is determined by the extent of the damage in relation to what the cover covers. So if someone has suffered expensive damage, they will pay for it themselves, while minor problems will be reimbursed at varying levels depending on the policy

car rental between individuals

If something worse happens (such as theft), renters can file claims with our helpful staff who are on hand 24/7 to answer any questions about getting back on the wheels as quickly as possible

Theft while renting a vehicle

Theft is a very unfortunate side effect of car rental. Private party insurance reimburses the value of your vehicle, less an excess that you have to pay if it happens during the rental period

Infractions, Fines, FPV

Breaches happen all the time, but you need to know how it works if there is ever a problem with your tenancy agreement. This document proves that they are actually renting their property and therefore it must be in order, otherwise a breach occurs - and what happens then? You will receive a ticket...

Just like any other person caught violating someone else's rights or territory (the key to renting). To avoid these fines, make sure everything fits before you sign anything, because if violations start to occur, things can quickly turn into a financial disaster.

To be noted

The new fine for carrying more passengers than the maximum seating capacity has been introduced in the UK. summer created on 17 September 2018. The penalty is a fine of between €135 and a loss of 3 points on your driving licence (4th class). Passengers are also required to pay this fine if they were in possession or control of the vehicle at any time during the journey

Some sites of car rental between individuals to discover the rental offers :

Car rental prices between individuals

Type of carPrice/day (fuel not included)

Small city car rental offers

  • 30 € the first day, 10 € the following days
  • 0,15 € per km
  • 800 deductible

Medium compact rental offers

  • 30 € the first day, 20 € the following days
  • 0,07 € per km
  • 800 deductible

Manual minivan rental offers

  • 40 € the first day, 15 € the following days
  • 0,18 € per km
  • 800 deductible

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