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The parks and gardens of the Seine-Maritime in Normandy have summer créés par de talentueux architectes landscapers et botanistes. La ville de Seine-Maritime confirme la réputation de cet art grâce aux nombres de parks and diversified gardens on its territory. Indeed, there are some with English, French, classical, artistic, contemporary, intimate or spacious styles. Here are some of the gardens and locations tourist that you can discover during your stay: 



The sculpture gardens of Étretat

At the end of the 19th century, Ms. Thébaulta French comic actress, created the garden on the Upstream cliff to reflect the work of Claude Moneta painter in Étretat. He has summer The park was renovated by the famous landscape architect Alexandre Grivko in 2017. A site inspired by the flora of the Normandy coastline, it is a journey for visitors who want to discover the splendour of the garden plant sculptures. It is also a wonderful place to admire the flowers and the sumptuous view towards Etretat and its cliffs. The wonder of this contemporary art museum has summer a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Garden and park of the castle of Bosmelet in Auffay

The Bosmelet castle park, located in the heart of the Pays de Caux near Auffay, is a listed historic monument in the Seine-Maritime region. This one-hectare park includes unique trees several hundred years old, some of which are defined as " Remarkable Trees ". There is also the 2.5 km long avenue of three hundred year old lime trees, which has been classified as one of the largest alleys in Europe with a garden vegetable garden with a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers.


Jardin Plume in Auzouville-sur-Ry

Created by Sylvie and Patrick Quibelon garden Plume combines nature with a typical Norman orchard structure. In particular, it features grasses as well as perennials offering colour and atmosphere necessary for seasonal gardens. It is a garden contemporary style located in Auzouville-sur-Ry where you can see a square mirror pool, the vegetable garden and the nursery. The garden Plume is appreciated for its calmness and the fact that it is a world apart.

Bellevue Gardens in Beaumont-le-Hareng

In the heart of the Pays de Bray, in the commune of Beaumont-le-Hareng, you will find the beautiful Jardins de Bellevue. On more than 6 ha, discover the various rare species of peonies, magnolias, rhododendrons or clematis providing different colours throughout the year. It is also known for its collections of hellebores or Christmas roses that bloom in winter. The garden of Bellevue is perfect for a botanical walk through the 4 seasons.

Remarkable garden: the park of the Château de Galleville in Doudeville

A 12 ha park surrounds the elegant 17th century castleIt is a walled garden bordered by a remarkable old beech forest. It is enclosed by walls, bordered by remarkable age-old beech forests leading visitors to discover the arboretum and French gardens or flower garden. The last three transformations have summer made by Louis Benech in 1988. The first one is the garden The first is a vegetable garden, the second is a tree and shrub bed and the last is the creation of a small garden Renaissance.

In Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville, the garden of Saint-Georges Abbey

The gardens of Saint-Georges de Boscherville Abbey are unique in their kind and are renowned for their architecture with four terraces. It covers 6 hectares of land, close to Rouen in Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville. The gardens of the abbey offer a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape of the Seine Valley as well as the entire abbey.

Garden of art and trials in Normanville

The garden d'art et d'essais is located on more than 2 hectares in a remote site in the Seine-Maritime department in Normanville. The site offers a lush vegetation with its 3500 species of plants including a hundred varieties of bamboo. Located between the valley and the plateau, it is distinguished by a rich plant biodiversity. The visit of the garden d'Art et d'Essais is available in two types: the individual visit for a simple discovery and experience and the guided visit for more knowledge of botany.

In Tourville-sur-Arques: the park of the Château de Miromesnil

The park of the Château de Miromesnil is a park dedicated to in love French literature as well as for those who are passionate about remarkable gardens. It is the birthplace of the famous writer Guy de Maupassant in 1850. It has also summer dominated by a two hundred year old cedar of Lebanon in the 17th century. The park houses a garden A traditional vegetable garden with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as well as various species of flowers. It is distinguished by its diamond-shaped mown lawn to recall the garden which has disappeared.

Park of the Château du Taillis

The 16th century castle century is built in the Seine Valley where visitors can browse the garden French and English style. The park is punctuated by architectural features such as the 19th century greenhouse and the orangery. In the heart of the Norman Seine, the Château du Taillis offers you the beautiful path of "remarkable trees". You will also have the opportunity to cross the thematic spaces of its orchard, its garden and its vegetable garden. The park and gardens of the Château du Taillis also have a museum with collectables related to the Second World War.

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