Where is the Samara Park in Amiens?

samara amiens

The Samara Park is located in the Commune of La Chaussée-Tirancourt, in the Somme department, to the west ofAmiens. It is a archaeological park devoted to the Gallo-Roman, Protohistory and Prehistory periods. It is also a botanical and landscape garden

What is the history of this park in the Somme?

The name Samara comes from its location. It is located at Camp Caesar, on the northern slope of the Somme Valley. It highlights the archaeological work carried out since the Xix century.

A man called Bruno Lebel was responsible for the design of the park.

He has done three different works:

  • Development of the archaeological site
  • The construction of an archaeological museum
  • The development of the park

Bruno Lebel became the Director of Samara in 1994

Samara History

The Great Prehistory Nature Park tells the story of 600,000 years of human history. You'll be exploring their movements and techniques, not only through workshops, but also by experiencing first-hand what life was like for our prehistoric ancestors! The site offers a rare glimpse of a world that existed before we indulged in technology or disconnected ourselves from nature at all costs: it's right on your doorstep if you're in Paris!

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Reconstructed habitats

These ancient houses have been reconstructed using archaeological data. They provide an insight into the daily lives of our ancestors. Each dwelling listed below represents the evolution of man in Picardy.

The Upper Palaeolithic tent, Early Neolithic house, Bronze Age house, Celtic house as well as the Gallic house are visible at Samara.

Animations Samara

Mediators will help you discover the craftsmanship of our ancestors. During your visit, you will be able to see all sorts of activities. Fire, lithic carving, pottery, weaving, basketry, esparto work and metallurgy.

 The Bruno Lebel Exhibition Pavilion

It is located in the heart of the park and hosts two exhibitions. The Scenes of Prehistory and 600,000 years of history in the Somme as well as a shop.

Visit to this park in Picardy

Adult group

There are many activities planned for you:

  • Visit the exhibition pavilion to experience reconstructed scenes from prehistory
  • Fire lighting demonstration by the mediator
  • Discovery of a craft technique

You will also have the opportunity to visit other areas. An archaeological visit, a visit to the vegetable maze and the arboretum and finally, a visit and tasting.

Children and leisure centre

Your children will also be entitled to several visits to the park. A visit and animation, a visit and a workshop and a workshop alone.

Bistrot du parc

In a natural setting, you can organise your business events in the park. You can rent the Bistro de César room and meet with your colleagues for two long hours. 

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Two formulas are available: the "working day" formula and the "working and relaxing" formula.

You can also celebrate your child's birthday in a friendly, prehistoric atmosphere. Many activities can be offered such as assegai shooting, fire starting or cake making.

The shop

Samara Park has two shops. A nature shop and an archaeology shop. It also offers mail-order sales.

The Nature Shop

Located at the entrance of the park, it offers several items:

  • minerals
  • the Samara Cervoise
  • clay objects
  • stuffed animals from the forest
  • books on nature for young and old
The Archaeology Boutique

In the heart of Bruno Lebel's pavilion, you will find a handmade collection of reproductions of archaeological objects. These objects were made by the mediators of Samara.

Samara's Cervoise, a wide range of books on archaeology and plush games for the youngest.

Samara Tariff

High season (May, June, July, August)

  • Adult: 12.50€.
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old: 10€.
  • Family package (2 adults + 2 children): 35€.

Events (see agenda)

  • Adult: 15€.
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old: €12.50
  • Family package (2 adults + 2 children): 45€.

Low season (April, September, October, November)

  • Adult: 11€.
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old : 9.50
  • Family package (2 adults + 2 children): 32€.

Annual subscription

  • 30€ / adult
  • 25€ / child

Holiday vouchers are accepted at the ticket office.

Where is Samara Park?

If you are looking for a nice park to explore near Amiens, the Samara Park is worth a visit. Samara Park is a living showcase of the Somme's rich archaeological heritage. Pack a picnic and spend the day relaxing in nature!

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