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The Bof Sum is part of the coastline of Picardy avec près de 200 hectares de dune s’étendant sur 70 km². Classée parmi les more beautiful baies du monde, cette baie est une véritable nature reserve abundant in fauna and exceptional landscape. If you want to discover the riches of this great site, there are holidays in camping would be a good option. Here is a list of tips and places to know before embarking on an adventure along this beautiful French coast. 



What is the sea like in the Baie de Somme?

The Bay of the Somme is located at the crossing of the rivers Sum and Anchor, before they flow into the English Channel. Thus, the Bay of the Somme is the result of the action of the Channel waves against the surrounding cliffs. This has formed the relief of this coastline beach from fine sand et dune à l’ouest en opposition avec les rivages rocheux et les falaises de l’autre côté. Depuis 2001, la baie de la Sum has become a nature reserve This protected area is home to several species of animals spread along its shores and in its waters. In this protected area, seals or sea-calves can be observed throughout the year. There are also birds such as oystercatchers and lapwings.

Where to pitch your tent in the Bay of the Somme?

In Franceon camping is prohibited by law, this includes the Bay of the Somme. So, if you have decided to walk around with your tent on your back, you cannot pitch it just anywhere. Otherwise you will be fined. You can easily find areas for camping and for camping-because in the surroundings of the Bay of the Somme. You will also need to set up in these areas if you are travelling by mobile homeespecially at night. 

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Camping in Picardy

The Picardy is a region located in the the heart of the Bay of the Somme in the department of  Hauts-de-France. A camping in Picardy is the best adventure, two sites are available: the Dune fleurie and the Val d'Authie. The Picardy is a paradise for in love for those who want to enjoy the fresh air and for those who want to experience a bit of culture. There are several historical relics to visit: abbeychurches and castles. The more sporty ones will be able to satisfy themselves with kite-surfing, the sand yachting and other activities on the Picardy coast

Camping le Crotoy

Crotoy is a municipality located in the Somme Bay. In the 17th century, it was one of the most important ports in the Channel. Today, it is part of the protected park of Somme-Maritime-Picardy. You will find a variety ofactivities tourist to do, including one hikinga pirogue excursion, walking tours and of course a camping. For those interested in bird watching, the Marquenterre Park is a must. You can stay in no less than 10 camping in the vicinity of the city centre from Crotoy. These include the camping Tarteron, the Walric and the Hawthorns.

Camping baie de Somme with water park

A camping with a park water is always more interesting than a camping Lambda. Indeed, the parks guarantee a wide range of activities fun and above all thrills. In the Bay of the Sommeseveral accommodation offer this kind of entertainment, such as the camping of the Roses, the Flower Dune, the New Field and many others. 

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Mobile home rental Baie de Somme

If you are the type of person who demands a certain level of comfort and short stay pitchyou need a mobile home. The latter is different from the camping-because it is not motorised. Furthermore, a fairly large vehicle is needed to tow it. It is literally a mobile home. With a mobile homeYou can move to the seasideor close to nature with home-like comfort. It should be noted that some campsites in the region do not accept pets. There are several offers for rentals : the time of a weekendFor a short stay or otherwise. Take the one with the highest rating.

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