4-star campsites: what quality and safety criteria need to be checked?

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To guarantee a successful holiday, it's vital to choose your campsite carefully. As well as the ideal location and attractive prices, there are a number of quality and safety criteria to sift through, especially when you choose a 4-star campsite. Cleanliness, compliance of electrical installations, surveillance, accessibility, etc. - there are many aspects to check.

Compliant facilities for a worry-free stay

Before booking, make sure that the camping have all the safety guarantees. Even on holiday, you need to be able to rely on a regulatory and safe infrastructure.

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First of all, check the electrical system compliance. Sockets and connections must be in good condition to avoid any risk of electrocution or fire. Next, make sure that the rental accommodation is sound: no structural defects, effective insulation and ventilation. Finally, ask the campsite about fire safety systems :

  • up-to-date, easily accessible fire extinguishers;
  • appropriate signage ;
  • evacuation instructions, etc.

A scrupulous professional will be able to give you all the guarantees you need. With safe, approved installations, you can set down your bags with peace of mind.

Impeccable cleanliness for comfort and well-being

For a successful stay, opt for a campsite that is beyond reproach in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. A poorly maintained environment can spoil a holiday and affect your well-being. From the moment you arrive, so make a thorough inspection of all communal areas : toiletslaundry, children's play areas. Floors, walls and equipment must be cleaned with the utmost care.

Clear common infrastructures

The bins must be emptied regularly to prevent any smelly overflow or visual nuisance. Visit floors and walls are ideally washed and disinfected daily. Special attention must be paid to water points such as sinks and showers, with meticulous cleaning using powerful detergents and reinforced disinfection.

Accommodation cleaned from top to bottom

In terms of accommodation, the cleaning must be beyond reproach. Before each new arrival, the accommodation is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and aired. Bedding, towels, crockery, fridge - everything is screened, washed and disinfected if necessary. An honest professional should be able to guarantee perfect hygiene at this level. 

Active surveillance for a worry-free holiday

Safety is a key criterion when choosing a campsite, especially for families. So take a close look at the facilities in place. For peace of mind, a active surveillance and strict controls are the order of the day.

Optimum security of the premises

For greater peace and quiet, the campsite must provide surveillance 24 hours a day at key points. The entrance, of course, but also the area around the swimming pool and children's play areas. Visit presence of security guards is essential, with regular patrols day and night. Only holidaymakers and their guests must have access to the facilities. Strict checks are carried out to ensure this. 

Rapid assistance when you need it

Ask management about arrangements for the reception and supervision of minors unaccompanied children. In the event of a problem during your stay, whether material or safety-related, the campsite must be able to provide fast, effective assistance. With this kind of optimised surveillance, you can really relax and enjoy your holiday without stress. And your children will be safer too, so they can enjoy a carefree holiday!

Optimum accessibility for all

Finally, to ensure a successful stay for all holidaymakers, accessibility is of paramount importance. Visit elderly or disabled people must be able to enjoy their holidays to the full. So look carefully at this criterion when making your booking. The campsite must offer pitches and accommodation adapted for people with reduced mobility accessible: wide passageways, adapted rooms. Communal facilities must also be accessible: PRM toilets, swimming pool with wheelchair access to the water.

In addition, the main points of interest must be located in the immediate vicinity in order to making it easier for everyone to get around. Finally, staff can provide specific assistance on request. With optimised accessibility, every holidaymaker, whatever their age or ability, can make the most of their stay. A successful holiday for all!

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