10 things to do when it rains

What to do when it rains

A rainy weather often spoils your weekendbut there are several activities to make the most of your time. Enjoy your rainy day by being at home or theoutsidein family or between friends.

Watching a good movie - What to do when it rains

You can watch a film alone, with your family or friends. You can also do it on your sofa or go to the nearest cinema. This is the perfect time to start or finish a series. You can also watch films with your children on weekends to avoid boredom during the days of bad weather.

What to do when it rains

Playing video games - Games to do when it rains

There are several categories of games that may be suitable for you: Arcade, adventure, combat, sport... Almost everyone likes video gamesas they improve the reflexes and limit the cognitive decline. Get your old consoles out of your cupboards (Gameboy, GameCube, SEGA, etc.) to experience some great nostalgia. 

Bringing out the board games

The board games are for young and old and can be played with friends or family. Ideally, you should have games that can be played by two or more people.

The benefits of board games are many: they improve memory and help you relax. They also develop your intellectual abilities and social.

What are the most popular board games?

You are spoilt for choice: the card gamess, the chess gamess, the dice gamess, the games of skill... But there are also the casino games.

Cooking - Rainy weekend 

Take advantage of the rain to create new revenues or for cooking a good family meal. You can involve everyone in the tasks. You must provide the necessary utensils to prepare special dishes such as Liege waffles, doughnuts or rice pie. 

Doing family activities - Ideas of outputs in family to do when it rains

Children do not like to be locked up for days on end. They need to beescape There are some places you can visit with them: swimming pool, history museum, pet shop, cave, farm... 

Read a good book -  Thing to do when it rains

The reading allows you to escape from reality. If you find books you haven't read yet, this is the perfect time to dive into the fascinating world of literature.

It is very easy tosetting up a libraryA small shelf on a landing is all that is needed. You can choose between magazines, novels or comics.

Doing sport - Occupation when it rains

For those who are used to riding sportWhen the gym is closed, your body needs more mobility. There are several sports exercises (home training) that do not require special equipment: thetraining with elastic bands and the skipping rope exercises

Tidy up and clean

Not all activities to do when it rains are fun. The huge cleansing allows work to be divided among other family members.

 Take advantage of bad weather to tidy up, throw away or recycle. Start with the bathroom, then sort out the drawer, dressing table and cupboard. Rearrange the books in your living room bookcase and take care of the kitchen. 

Outdoor fun 

You can put on your mackintoshes and rain boots and go to the jumping in puddles. You can walk around your neighbourhood with umbrellas. Also practice your favourite sports with your children (baseball, soccer)

Learning a foreign language

Take advantage of the bad weather to learn a foreign language via mobile applications, for example. Learning stimulates cognitive abilities and will help you on your next trip abroad.

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The activities mentioned above can of course be carried out easily, and cost next to nothing, apart from a subscription to your local media library or the purchase of a game or two to keep you occupied. But now imagine that you're in the middle of a school holiday, and the rainy weather continues; you're likely to quickly run out of things to do. 

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