How to visit the Baie de Somme by train?

Railway of the Bay of the Somme
Chemin de fer de la Baie de Somme

The Chemin de fer de la Somme Bay CFBS is a French tourist railway. It is managed by a non-profit agency. This tourist railway runs on a narrow-gauge line between Le Crotoy and Cayeux-sur-Mer and Saint-Valery-sur-Somme from February to December. It leads to three seaside resorts of the Somme Bay : Cayeux-sur-Mer, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and Le Crotoy.


Where to take the train to the Baie de Somme?

Take the train of the Somme Bay to go to the Crotoy is a classic. The path runs along the lock bridge at Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and bypass the bay and marshesI was looking at herons, egrets, swans, moorhens and all kinds of ducks.

How to get to Le Crotoy by steam train, with which station?

To get to the Crotoy or to Saint-Valery-sur-Sommeyou can rent a car from Amiens.

The best time to visit the Bay of Somme

The month of May à October is the ideal period to travel to Somme Bay. The place is a beautiful destination if you are going on a holidays the weekend or all year round during the winter and shoulder seasons. This tourist place is part of the Club des 30 more beautiful bays of the world. The climate is not too bad in June and September. It is much cheaper than in thesummer. It should be noted that the bulk of tourism in Bay of the Somme is concentrated in summer and during the summer months.

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How to discover the Baie de Somme and go to Le Crotoy?

Many are the activities possible things to do and experiences to have when visiting the Bay of the Somme the time of a weekend.

Head for the chalk cliffs at Ault and admire the beautiful scenery

The string of chalk giants from this balcony overlooking the sea leaves visitors speechless.

In addition, the Cise Wood is not far away. This place is also a nice place to go down to the foot of the cliffs. However, you should be careful not to walk too close because of the dangers that can arise.

Riding a locomotive from Le Crotoy to Saint Valery

Towed by a valiant locomotive In the middle of a steam train, climb aboard one of the wooden carriages from the good old days. Since the 1970s, an association has been running a tourist service and has preserved a real treasure for the enjoyment of visitors.

You can take the train by taking the steam station Le Crotoy | Saint Valery- sur- Sum. The journey takes about 1 hour.

Take a sightseeing ride on horseback along the beach or through the pine forests

Have an unforgettable experience by discovering the Marquenterre domain on horseback on the trails through forests and dunes. The beauty of the place will leave you speechless. The essence of the pine trees, the ducks that fly away, the sea buckthorn berries in bloom, the moufflons that you can see in the distance, and then the dunes that take your breath away! Experience the feeling of freedom as you gallop along the beach.

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