Discover the floating market on the water: a mix of gastronomy and local crafts

floating market

In the past, a floating market played a great role in the trade and development of certain countries. Now it has become a unique concept and a tourist attraction. Indeed, local producers take place on their boats to sell their products. Discover in this article the different attractions of this market and its authentic atmosphere. 

floating market


What products are sold on a floating market? 

The floating market is known for developing the trade of local craftsmen and producers. You will therefore find a wide variety of local products

Local crafts 

The water market is the best way for artisans to sell their authentic works such as pottery, jewellery, sculptures etc. You will also discover local skills such as sewing and embroidery. 

Local gastronomy

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables can be found in each floating market. Being on the water, the vendors will offer you a wide choice of seafood (always fresh). Some of them make you discover handicraft products such as wine, honey, cheese, coffee or jam. You have the right to do a tasting on the spot. 

The floating market, more than a place to trade 

Known as a place to sell local productsThe floating market offers you much more! You will find various attractions and an authentic atmosphere. 

A unique atmosphere 

In addition to being a place for goods, the floating market is a meeting place for the bon vivants. Indeed, the atmosphere is always picturesque and very lively, like a fairground. Joining the colourful boats, you will enjoy a panoramic view on the water and its surroundings. 

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Extra attractions 

You are wrong if you think that the water market is just a place to trade. Some of them offer attractions that are not to be missed. Come with your family and experience a unique experience by participating in decoration workshops, live concerts and cooking demonstrations. After your shopping, you can also go for a visit guided of the place for a day. 

Which countries are most famous for their floating markets? 

As you know, the floating market was a way to develop certain countries such as Thailand, the Vietnam or Indonesia. Since then, this concept has become something of a tradition. 


Thailand is probably the most famous country for its floating markets, you will find them in the Mekong Delta of the South, more precisely in the village of Damnoen saduak


The traders will meet you on their boats, in the middle of the Mekong. Here you can taste various quality soups and rice. You can also find a variety of reptiles (snakes, lizards, turtles...)


Visit us at Lok Baintan market to find the pearls of Indonesia. At dawn, traders are on hand to sell you the best local products of the region. 

The market of Isle sur la Sorgue, a must for the French 

Did you know that the France has also adopted the floating market concept? See you at Isle sur la SorgueEvery first Sunday in August, they will be able to participate. On their Nego chinthe merchants offer you a multitude of local products. At the end of the day, the nego chins meet to pour the "Coupo Santo"An experience not to be missed!

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