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Marseille is a very dynamic and sunny city which offers many possibilities to organize a team-building seminar. The setting, rich in history and culture, is an asset for creating a relaxed atmosphere and encouraging group cohesion. The various venues in Marseille offer a variety of activities to suit all budgets for a successful team-building seminar.


What is a team-building seminar?

A team-building seminar is an activity organised for team members to help them get to know each other better and to working better together. Activities may include communication exercisesThe aim is to strengthen the bonds between team members and to foster trust and communication. The aim is to strengthen the bonds between team members and to foster trust and communication.

How to organise a company seminar in Marseille

Organising a company seminar in Marseille is easy. Some companies call upon a event agency to make it easier. Here are some steps to help you plan your seminar:

Step 1: Set a budget

Before planning your company seminar, set a clear budget. This will help you determine the type of activities you can organise and the level of comfort you can provide for your team. Make sure you take into account the costs of transport, accommodation, food and activities for each team member.

Step 2: Choose the right venue (hotel, meeting room, restaurant, boat, space ...)

This city in the South of France offers a variety of exceptional settings for a business event, from luxury hotels to seaside resorts, hotel parks, meeting rooms, castles and more. Choose an ideal venue that suits your team's needs and offers a range of activities to stimulate collaboration and communication.

Step 3: Plan the activities

For a company seminarIn order to achieve this, you'll need to plan activities that are fun, engaging and stimulating for your team. Activities can include role-playing, problem-solving workshops, outdoor challenges, cultural and culinary activities, as well as moments for relaxation and reflection.

  • Marseille is an ideal setting for sports activities. Activities such as water-skiing, kayaking, surfing, stand-up paddling and canoeing can also be organised. Seminars can also take the form of an orienteering race or a rally around the city.
  • The city also offers many opportunities for cultural activities. A guided tour of the city is an interesting option to discover the history of Marseille and its culture. Seminars can also take the form of a boat trip in the Old Port or a visit to the famous Château d'If.
  • Organising a team-building seminar in Marseille can take the form of group games. You can hire a space to organise team games, culinary workshops or role-playing games. You can also organise an escape game to stimulate cohesion and collaboration within the group.
  • After a busy day, the group can relax in Marseille. A walk on along the beaches is an excellent idea for a well-deserved break. Seminars can also include relaxing activities such as yoga sessions, spa treatments or massages or a boat trip on the Mediterranean Sea followed by a visit to the Friuli Islands.

Step 4: Ensure good supervision

Make sure you have a adequate supervision for your seminar. You can hire team-building professionals to organise the activities and help facilitate discussions between team members.

Step 5: Evaluate the effectiveness of the seminar

Once the seminar is over, evaluate its effectiveness by asking team members to complete a survey or give feedback on the experience. Use this feedback to plan future activities and to aImprove the efficiency of your team.


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