Where can you see the Calais dragon?

dragon de calais

The Calais Dragon is a colossal construction 72 tonnes with spectacular mobility, designed by François DelarozièreHe was a creator and designer of spectacular street theatre machines. Very quickly, it became a tourist symbol of the city. Built especially for Calais, this dragon is very expressive with its movements that take tourists around the city. With a height of up to 12 metres, this monumental machine is perfect for a group or family visit to the town.

dragon de calais


Where to find the Calais Dragon?

The city of Calais is located in the port city of France. It has now become a reference point for the seaside and for the Opal Coast. It has facilities to suit the needs of families on the seafront and the beachIn order to meet the needs of tourists, the following are available.

After the dragon washed up on the beach of CalaisThe inhabitants of the town tried to counteract his advance. He then decided to settle permanently in the north of the FranceAfter enjoying the soothing music on the seafront. To get there, go to 201 Avenue Winston Churchill 62100 Calais. 

A few months after the arrival of the Calais DragonA sea container has been set up next to him in the forecourt of the City of the Dragon. It is a dragon which belongs to the family of saurians called Sentinel Iguana A dragon that spits water, moves its head and wags its tail.

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dragon de calais

How to get on the Calais Dragon?

The Calais Dragon is made of steel and carved wood. It has spectacular mobility, allowing it to lie down, stand up, reel in, and even run and flap its wings. It can also breathe fire, smoke and spray water in various forms. By boarding it, you can enjoy a unique experience which lasts about 45 minutes. You have to stand on the back of the beast to get on its back. The tail of the dragon houses a staircase of about twenty steps, which leads you to the sheltered platform which has benches and railings allowing for panoramic view. It can accommodate up to 50 people on its back and requires 4-6 workers to handle to make the dragon live. There is no risk of shaking, as its maximum speed does not exceed 4 km/h.

When to see the Calais Dragon?

The Calais Dragon opens its doors for a new season every 1st February of the year. As is the case every year, the lizards undergo inspections and interventions in order to restore them to good condition. There are several ways to see him. It can be seen permanently in its temporary home, which is located along Churchill Avenue. It is also possible to see it as it crosses the waterfront. But to enjoy a beautiful viewThe best thing to do is to climb aboard. You will enjoy the view in all its splendour while appreciating its height of 12 metres and its imposing size of 17.5 metres with the wings spread. The second possibility depends on the weatherThis is because its operation is subject to weather conditions.

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What is the price of the dragon?

To enjoy a ride on this fantastic creatureThere are many costs involved, depending on a number of factors. The permanent ground show is completely free of charge, while to board the show, the purchase of a ticket is essential. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office or online while seats are available. The ticket office opens 30 minutes before the first departure and closes 30 minutes before the last departure. Next to it, there is a restauranta bar, and a shop dedicated to the Dragon.

For children under 4 years old, access is totally free. Adults over 11 years old pay €9.50 and children between 4 and 11 years old receive a discount of about €6.50. The price of walks is fixed in order to make it accessible to several people. Families travelling together have the opportunity to benefit from a reduced fare. You can then benefit from a tourism experience with your family at low cost.

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