Where to go kayaking in the Baie de Somme?

kayaking in the bay of somme
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Take advantage of a nature outing to do some Kayak in Bay of the Somme.


The Bay of the Somme

The Bay of the Somme is known for its salt meadows and its many marine animals. You can also opt for a hiking on its extensive sandbank.

Where is the Baie de Somme?

The Bay of the Somme is located on the Picardy coastline. The largest estuary from the north of the Francedue to its size, which extends over 72 km² of land with a depth of 15 km and a width of 5 km. It is very rich in ecological especially as a ornithological mecca.

kayaking in the bay of somme

Why choose the Baie de Somme as a travel destination?

The Somme Bay is a heavenly place, classified among the most beautiful bays in the world, alongside San Francisco and Halong. It has also joined the highly regarded network of the Great Sites of France alongside the Camargue or the Pointe du Raz. A atypical landscape with a succession of cliffs, sands, dunes and marshes. 

The place is famous for its wild sideand the richness of its wildlife and its flora. In addition to being a refuge for grey seals and marine calvesIt also hosts thousands ofmigratory birds who come to the Marquenterre Parkon their long journeys.

This natural environment also became an inexhaustible source of inspiration for several painters and writers such as Delacroix, Degas, Victor Hugo (see Veules-les-roses), etc.; thanks to its bewitching lights. "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", a book published in 1869-70 by Jules Verne which tells an adventure story set on land and under water. The writer spent five years there while writing it, so you know that this place has some importance for him!

In fact, to the north of the bay, you can take the scenic route to the Crotoy. The only beach facing south, at tide low. It is also a beautiful family resort and a lovely fishing port. 

In addition, you can also visit the port of Saint-Valery-sur-SommeA charming medieval town in the heart of the bay, with its authentic seafarers' quarter.

To enjoy a sea trip, you can choose a Polynesian canoe tripor opt for the canoe rental or of a paddle. It is also possible to cycle inland for a nice crossing of the bay.

Where to go on kayaking trips in the Baie de Somme at the best price?

The Somme Bayalso known as the Bay of Sealsis one of the spots of canoeing the best known and most popular sports event in the Hauts-de-France. In addition, the kayak in Bay of the Somme is an excellent way to see the seals and understand their life in the estuary, but a certain distance must be kept to avoid disturbing or disturbing them.

This is done by fresh water or in salt waterVarious organisations offer services in kayaking in the Baie de Somme or by canoe, to offer you sea trips to discover the bay, the salt meadows, and its incredible marine animals. You will of course be accompanied by a guide.

However, if you have the equipment, thetourist office and the departmental canoe-kayak committee have put a map online, showing you the easy route into the bay. For example, going from a quiet and slow circuit, from Abbeville to Saint-Valéry-sur-Sommeor you can start from further away, from Pont-Rémy, etc.

In addition, before embarking on a canoeing trip, it is recommended to have a good physical conditionor to request the accompaniment of a professional guideto ensure your safety.

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