Discover one of the most beautiful jewels of the French coastline

French coastline

Far from the large, overcrowded seaside resorts of the Mediterranean, the Opal Coast is known as one of the most beautiful parts of our French coastline. It is, in fact, one of those that have best preserved their wild and natural character. This is the case of Hemmes de Marck, a hamlet of the town of Marck which consists of a long stretch of beach bordered by wild dunes (the beach of Huchette and the beach of Hemmes). Little known to holidaymakers, it is nevertheless one of the largest swimming spots in the region. The sunsets will take your breath away and set the scene for a romantic evening.

French coastline

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in a beautiful gîte with spa

If you are looking for the best place to spend a weekend If you're looking for a romantic getaway in Marck, treat yourself to a room in an exceptional gîte. At the gîte de La FénardièreEnjoy an intimate moment in this quiet and comfortable place. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in your own private spa and let yourself be transported to another world by the massaging effect of the jacuzzi. Also enjoy a moment of relaxation in the your own private sauna and relax in the pool! To celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, honeymoon or wedding anniversary, or simply for a romantic weekend, don't hesitate to book your bottle of champagne which will be waiting for your arrival in a cool place.

Treat yourself to a thrill on the beach at Marck

The Hemmes beach is a popular meeting place for all sand yacht enthusiasts. At low tide, it offers a vast expanse of sand that allows you to achieve great speed. For a morning, treat yourself and your partner to a thrill and let the wind guide you. Sailboat rental companies offer outings and introductions for beginners. They will give you all the tips you need to know how to handle the sheet and steer the sail of your float.

Visit the treasures of the region

History and architecture enthusiasts have many treasures to discover in the Marck region, starting with the Walde lighthouse, which has just been classified as a historical monument. Its metal architecture attracts many curious visitors every year. Lovers of military history will also discover many relics of the Second World War, notably the Waldam batterythe Oldenburg batterythe leaning tower or the Escardines blockhouse.

Marck is located next to the city of Calais, which is full of historical monuments. Its magnificent Belfry is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The oldest monument in Calais, the medieval watchtower dates from the 12th century. Monuments from this period are rare in this part of the Pas de Calais, which suffered numerous bombings during the Second World War. You can also admire the Six Bourgeois de Calais, a work by Rodin, which you will find in the gardens of the town hall, as well as the fortifications of Vauban.

Enjoy an exceptional natural setting near Marck

Marck is located near the regional nature park of the Capes et Marais d'Opale. The Cap Gris Nez and the Cap Blanc Nez are the two most beautiful jewels of the Opal Coast that you must visit. All along the coastline, you will be able to observe the flora and fauna. Below the paths of hikingIf you're lucky enough, you might even spot a seal (a grey seal or calf seal). Finish off the day with a meal at the restaurant, where you can sample seafood products, as well as specialities of the Pas-de-Calais. The gastronomy is particularly rich and tasty. Don't forget to enjoy the good northern atmosphere in one of the region's lively places.

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