Golf Baie de Somme


The golf is a sport played outdoors with the specific purpose of putting a ball into a hole with the help of golf. The Somme Bay offers several fields to practice this sport in a natural and unique setting. In sums, the course of golf offer a place to relax and challenge both amateurs and professional golfers. Discover in this article, the different courses of golf that are in Somme Bay.



What is the definition of Golf?

The golf is of ancient origin, but for the current version, it is of European origin. It is a sport that requires a large outdoor playing area. The objective of the game is to hit the ball as little as possible in a designated route. Technique and endurance are the main assets. The player must therefore remain concentrated in order to be efficient and precise.

Exceptional golf courses in Picardy, Somme

The golf courses of the Somme Bay are equipped with a quality course with greens regularly maintained and suitable for all players, whatever their level.

Here are some of the routes taken by golf in the Sum :

Abbeville Golf Club

The course of the golf of Abbeville is located on the road to the Coast of Picardy in Sum. This golf has an 18-hole course. Players can demonstrate their technique, but also enjoy a walk in the open air with a view of the impregnable on the Somme Bay.

Belle Dune Golf Course

The structure of the land has summer built in the traditional Irish and Scottish way. The Golf of Belle Dune 18 holes is part of the " Golf in Opal Coast "He identifies himself among the more beautiful destinations and the most beautiful golf from the north of the France.

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Where is the most beautiful golf course in the Somme?

Situated in the middle of a dune massif, the Golf Belle Dune is designed for golfers of all levels. It is located in seasideabout 2 hours from Parisin the middle of Fort-Mahon and Quend-Plage

Amiens Golf Club

The golf 18 holes of Amiens is a demanding course with small greens and gentle slopes. The density of the rough can sometimes be important during play. For this sport, the rough determines the area of thick grass bordering the fairways and greens. The solution is to keep control of the ball by respecting the principles of the swing. The golf of Amiens is a perfect route for a walk.

Golf de baie de Somme en Crotoy

Discover also other areas of golf near Crotoy as : 

A mini golf from Le Touquet which allows you to discover two 18-hole courses and other activities like a trampoline.

  • Golf from Nampont to Saint Martin

It is also an area for golf which is located on the Rue du Château in Nampont. It is a flagship of Golfa Swan Trail opened in 1994 which became an 18-hole course in 2022.

What is the oldest golf course in the world?

The oldest course in golf of the world is in the UK: the Old Course. It is a course on public land in St Andrews, Fife in Scotland.

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What is the sea like in the Bay of the Somme?

Created in December 2012, the Marine Natural Park of the Somme Bay is part of the Opal Sea. The Somme Bay is located on the Picardy coastline in France (Hauts-de-France) and covers 70 km².

Is it possible to hire golf equipment on site?

It is quite possible to rent equipment such as clubs of golf at golf of the Somme Bay.

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