Discover the Baie de Somme through an unforgettable horse-drawn carriage ride

Bay of the Somme

The Bay of the Sommewith its exceptional flora and fauna, is a popular destination for in love of nature. What could be better thanexplore this natural gem by horse-drawn carriage ?

  • An authentic walk By opting for a carriage rideyou will discover the Bay of the Somme in an authentic and environmentally friendly way. The horse-drawn carriages, driven by experienced guides, allow you to get close to the fauna and flora without disturbing them.
Bay of the Somme
  • A moment of relaxation The horse-drawn carriage ride is also an opportunity to relax, to enjoy the landscape and take the time to live. The quiet rhythm of the horses, the sound of hooves on the path, the wind in the reeds... all these elements contribute to create a soothing atmosphere.
  • A field trip Finally, a horse-drawn carriage ride is an excellent way to learn more about the Bay of the SommeIts ecosystem, history and traditions. The guides, passionate and erudite, will share with you their knowledge and anecdotes about the region.

If you are considering a horse-drawn carriage ride in the Bay of the SommeIf you are interested in visiting the museum, please contact us in advance to book your place and to prepare your visit as well as possible. The Bay of the Somme and its horse-drawn carriages await you for an unforgettable experience!

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