Discovering the coastal path in Le Crotoy: a walk not to be missed


The coastal path at Le Crotoy is a real gem for nature lovers and hikers. Crotoy is located in the Bay of the Somme in northern France. It attracts many tourists every year for its breathtaking scenery and countless outdoor activities. In this article, find out about the most beautiful places to visit in Le Crotoy and the not-to-be-missed trails in the area. Bay of the Somme.

What is special about the coastal path in Le Crotoy?

A holiday in Le Crotoy means escaping the daily grind and relaxing in an exceptional location. As you explore this trail, you'll be transported to a world of landscapes with unmissable geographical features, populated by wild flora and fauna and fascinating historical sites. You'll discover unspoilt sites, wild beaches and wetlands, while enjoying spectacular views over the Baie de Somme nature reserves.


How to get to Le Crotoy on the coastal path? 

The coastal path at Le Crotoy is an old smuggling trail that runs along the coast of the Bay of the Somme. The 15km trail stretches between Quend-Plage-les-Pins and Le Crotoy, and offers panoramic views of the Baie de Somme coastline. Your starting point will be Fort Mahon, to the west of the Baie de Somme. To get there, you can park in the car park at Le Crotoy beach and follow the signs for the trail. Once you arrive at Fort Mahon, simply follow the coastal path along the coast.

Walk on the marshes of Le Crotoy

It is important to note that the coastal path is subject to tide times. You should therefore check these times before setting off to avoid being trapped by high tide.

Where to start walking around Le Crotoy?

The walk along the coastal path begins with a passage through the chemin du Fort-Mahon and the Parc du Marquenterre nature reserve. This natural refuge is home to many species of migratory birds, which you can admire from observation posts along the trail. As you hike along the Baie de Somme, discover the secrets of the park and the mysteries of the Pointe du Hourdel, not forgetting a few photos of the seals. You can also stop off at Fort-Mahon or the Marquenterre park to admire the dunes and enjoy the beach.

To return, you can either go back to the starting point or take another route back. To do this, you must pass through the Route des Mouettesa former railway line that linked the Crotoy to Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. From here, you can enjoy an even more breathtaking panoramic view of the Bay of the Somme.

Which part of the coastal path to do?

This exploration will delight lovers of nature and wide open spaces. Each part of the trail offers unique and varied landscapes, and allows you to discover a rich and unspoilt wild world including : 

The Coastal Path via Ault 

All along the coast as far as Ault, you can admire fine sandy beaches, dunes and cliffs overlooking the sea. You'll also come across salt marshes, rocks and canals stretching to the horizon.

The Coastal Path Cayeux-sur-Mer

On this second part, you can observe water birdsThere are many interesting archaeological sites, including remnants of the Great War, as well as a wide range of animals and wild flowers. You will also discover interesting archaeological sites, including remnants of the Great War.

Coastal path Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

This site is surrounded by impressive cliffs plunging into the ocean and wild beaches offering breathtaking views of the coastline.

Coastal path via Mers-les-Bains

The walk through Mers-les Bains is a sensational experience that offers moments of endless horizon contemplation, discovery and adventure. Faced with these landscapes, experienced hikers can take in the sights and return with unforgettable memories.


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