Hiking in the Bay of the Somme: 10 must-do tours

baie de somme, hiking

The Bay of the Somme is one of the most beautiful bays in the world, located on the Picardy coastlineThis is an exceptional place, very popular with hikers. By the way, here is 10 circuits must-haves to do in Somme Bay


Crocs : 

Embark on this tour of 16 km, of 5h30, from Saint-Quentin in Tourmont. You follow the access path to the sea which plunges you into the middle of the dunes, the fangs in picard hence the name of the circuit. A hiking in the heart of wild and unexplored landscapes, where you will see beautiful dune strips that hug the sea. You will see millions and millions of laricio pines of Corsica who have summer planted to fix the dunes of Marquenterre. You will also see long wooden piles used to support the breeding of bouchot mussels.

The Authie dunes

This is a loop of an hour, a distance of 2.5 km which offers walkers the opportunity to discover the pannes. The dune is home to fiveThese are places where many species find the resources they need to live and reproduce. You will see frogs, tiny daphnia, birds, dragonflies, etc. You can also enjoy a privileged observation of wildlife such as deer in train to drink, or an Ash Heron on the lookout for a Natterjack Toad.

At the crossing of the bay

Take advantage of this hiking of the mythical Bay of the SommeSince the Crotoy to Saint-Valery-Sur-Sommethrough the channels and molières. A course of 6 km3 hours, where the return journey is made by train or by bike. Discover all the aspects of the bay, enjoying this stroll punctuated and shaped by the tide. Experience unforgettable adventures while gazing at the mesmerizing lights and beautiful landscapes of the bay. It is also the best opportunity to observe the different species of fauna and flora that live there. 

Le Crotoy

Discover this 3h20 min journey, a distance of 10kmof the Place Jeanne d'Arc at Crotoy. A walk through nature and along the seashore, along the Bay of the Somme and the swamp. A freshwater marsh with over 80 varieties of plants, including the mysterious wild orchid. It is also home to wildfowl and deer, birds, lapwing herons, and the Henson, a small, light-coloured, hardy horse, one of the bay's emblems.

Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme at Cap Hornu

Enjoy this pleasant  hiking from 6kmwhere you can enjoy a 3-hour walk from the beach from Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme. A magnificent place with exceptional landscapes, where you can contemplate the bay with its palette of colours and lights changing according to the weather. tides. Going up to the church of Saint Valeryyou will see the Hourdel point and le Crotoy. The return to Cape Hornu se fera ensuite sur un chenal à bateau, avec une vue impregnable sur la baie et ses prés salés.

Le Hourdel in Cayeux-Sur-Mer

This course of approximately 11 km represents an average of 3.5 hours of walking, starting of course from the Port Le HourdelYou can then join the beach or take the white road. On the side beachyou will be dazzled by the Hourdel blockhouseone of the most famous blockhouses on the coast picard. You will also witness the spectacle of the flood that suddenly invades the port or the ebb that unveils it.

This is the best observation point for resting seals on the sandbanks after their romp in the waves. Arriving at Cayeux-Sur-MerYou will see several cabins lined up along the beachPerfect for resting after a walk. 

The Hâble d'Ault bird sanctuary

This walk of 5kmThe 1 hour 45 minute tour will take you through many natural environments in the heart of the Lower Fields. Moreover, the loop takes you through the Hâble d' Ault marshesThis is a wetland area protected by a pebble beach, where no less than 270 species of birds can be found. It is a short trip for the whole family, starting from the Bitter Monument in Cayeux sur Mer in the direction ofAult. Your eyes will be dazzled by the small, playful gravels and the great crested grebes that pass between the reeds.

The cliff of Ault

This circuit of 2.9 kmThe 1-hour course is perfect for in love of nature. The walk starts in the Cise WoodA small wooded valley between two cliffs opening onto the sea. Enjoy a pleasant walk on the rocky foreshore of this chalk cliff of 80 mAt the foot of the mountain you will find a large number of species of fauna and flora. At its foot lies a huge beach of pebbles and sand, in tide low and with colour variations

The coastal path from Ault to Mers les Bains

From Cise Wood at the Lily of the ValleyTake advantage of this hiking from 4.7km1.5 hour walk, where you can reach Our Lady of the Cliff on the heights of Mers Les Bains. Discover its breathtaking landscapes that reveal the infinite horizon, and enjoy a beautiful walk in the open air. Arriving at Mers les Bainsyou will see a charming seaside resort with Belle Époque and Art Nouveau villas lining the esplanade, facing the beach

baie de somme, hiking

The Royon Dune

Discover this trail of 4kmwhich begins in Fort-Mahon-Plage. You will discover a natural dune environment that is extremely sensitive and the presence of the Oyat, a plant that stabilises it. Then you will cross the shrubby dune composed of thorny thickets of sea buckthorn and privet. As you move away from the shore, you will discover the pannes which are home to a whole range of remarkable flora as well as amphibians.

At the exit of the pine forest is the commune Quend-Plage where you can observe the fields of mussels and various species of sea birds. You finish the journey by walking up the Avenue de la beach which will take you back to the starting point. 

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