What to do in Amiens in May: must-see activities [Advice]

With the arrival of spring and fine weather, the city of Amiens comes alive with a host of activities to suit all tastes. Whether you're a history buff, a music lover or a lover of the arts, May promises to be full of unforgettable events. Discover our selection of the best events not to be missed in the capital of Picardy.

Relive history with the "CSA in the Yéyés era" exhibition

Immerse yourself in the 1960s thanks to this unique exhibition devoted to the economic and social expansion of Amiens during this landmark decade. Between urban and industrial transformations, rediscover the atmosphere of a time when the town was bustling with tyre factories and football clubs. The exhibition also highlights the political context, including the May 68 demonstrations in the streets of Amiens. Don't miss this opportunity to relive local history!

Get on two wheels at the Caradisiac motorbike festival

For thrill-seekers, the Caradisiac motorbike festival is the must-attend event in Amiens in May. On the programme: motorbike trials, demonstrations, advice on equipment and meetings with enthusiasts. Whether you're a novice or an expert, this festival is the perfect opportunity to share your passion and discover the latest trends in two-wheeled vehicles.

  • Tests by cylinder capacity
  • Tests by category
  • Biker equipment
  • Owners' opinions

Follow the filming of the mini-series Bouchon in Amiens

Pluga mini-series directed by Éléonore Costes and Amaury Dequé, takes to the streets of Amiens in May. Don't miss the chance to watch the filming of this original work, which combines fiction and self-portraiture. The series tackles the subject of cancer with sensitivity and emotion, exploring how a family can be affected by the disease. Bouchon is scheduled for broadcast on Arte next year.

Read Éléonore Costes' autobiographical account

Actress-writer-director Éléonore Costes has already made a name for herself with her web series Le Journal de Lolo, which also deals with personal issues through the prism of fiction. By following the making of Bouchon, discover how she approaches this unique artistic approach in the context of a television series.

Attend the trial of the attack on Brigitte Macron's grand-nephew

On 15 May, the attack on chocolate-maker Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, grand-nephew of Brigitte Macron, shook the town of Amiens. Two men, Yoann Leroy and Florian Carreel, were arrested and will finally appear in court in June. Follow this exceptional trial to witness the justice at work in this high-profile case.

Support local solidarity through a national event

By attending the trial, you are also showing your support for the Amiens community and its ability to pull together in the face of difficult events. Don't miss this opportunity to play an active part in local life.

In short, May promises to be a month packed with cultural, sporting and judicial events in Amiens. The capital of Picardy is keen to offer a wide range of activities, and is attracting visitors with its dynamism and eclectic offerings. Don't miss these not-to-be-missed events, and make the most of spring in Amiens!

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