A selection of things to do on a couple's trip to Australia

couple trip to australia

In this post, discover a selection of visits to make for a trip as a couple to Australia
If you want to enjoy a getaway with your loved one, it's best to make the most of a romantic and soothing environment. Choosing Australia for your couple's holiday is full of surprises. Take a look at the following tours and put your mind at ease and enjoy an incredible adventure for two.

Visit Tasmania for two

When you say 'travel destination couple Australia', Tasmania is obviously included. Because Tasmania is separated by the turbulent waters of the Bass Strait, its environment remains quite different from the rest of the country. This Australian state is made up of no less than 334 islets that are scattered around the main island, Tasmania Island. During your getaway, you'll see glacial lakes that are
located in the centre of the state. The state also boasts a number of beautiful beaches where you can enjoy long outings together. There are also plenty of rivers to discover. Not to mention the vast primary rainforest and wilderness areas in the south-western part of the state. And let's not forget the majestic mountains that make Tasmania so beautiful.
Your romantic get-togethers will take place in places with contrasting landscapes and breathtaking beauty. Finally, you will be able to personalise your couple's holiday by choosing to entrust its organisation to Prestige Travel Australia. Among other things, you can enjoy a tailor-made trip to Australia.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

couple trip to australia

For your little love adventure in Australia, it is also advisable to make a short trip off the coast of Queensland. This will be the perfect place to see the famous Great Barrier Reef. With coral reefs stretching over 2,300km into the Pacific Ocean, you can swim and dive to discover the marine diversity of the area. You'll be able to discover the creatures that live there, namely the
sea turtles, the many species of multicoloured fish, whale sharks, etc.
If you choose the Great Barrier Reef as your destination for a couple's holiday in Australia, you'll be in for a surprise. The barrier can be explored both by scuba diving and by air. You can admire this marine beauty from a seaplane, lulled by the sound of the propellers and the wind.

Discover Hunter Valley for two

Located north of Sydney, the Hunter Valley wine region is often favoured by lovers. As a destination for a romantic trip to Australia, it meets many criteria that make it the perfect place for a holiday for two.

You can, for example, walk along the vineyards of the region. You can also visit the various wine cellars of the wineries. The tour can be complemented by a tasting of fine Australian wines. As well as being renowned for its fine wines, Hunter Valley is also known for its fine cuisine. This is often accompanied by this delicious and popular local beverage.
Discovering this destination for a couple's holiday in Australia can also be done with a short hot-air balloon ride. This escapade is particularly romantic, as it takes place in the morning so that our lovers can enjoy the sunrise together. You can also enjoy a quiet picnic in the pastures and on the banks of the Paterson or Allyn rivers. To spice things up, you can also
play a round of golf to see which of them is more comfortable on the course.

How do I get an ETA visa for Australia?

Toute personne souhaitant se rendre en Australie pour affaires ou pour le plaisir doit obtenir un visa ETA avant son départ. La façon la plus simple de le faire est de demander un esta australien en ligne. La demande d’esta peut être remplie en quelques minutes seulement et, une fois approuvée, elle est valable pour de multiples travel en Australie sur une période de 12 mois. Les voyageurs munis d’un esta sont autorisés à rester en Australie jusqu’à trois mois à la fois

Les demandeurs doivent remplir quelques conditions pour avoir droit à un esta. Premièrement, les voyageurs doivent être titulaires d’un passport d’un pays éligible à l’ETA. Ensuite, ils doivent avoir un billet de retour réservé et la preuve qu’ils disposent de fonds suffisants pour financer leur séjour en Australie. Enfin, ils ne doivent pas avoir de condamnations pénales ou de problèmes de santé susceptibles de poser un risque pour la sécurité publique

Once the esta application has been approved, travellers will receive a confirmation email with their esta number. This number must be presented on arrival in Australia, together with a valid passport. Travellers with an eta visa can enter Australia through any major airport or seaport.

The apply for an Esta for autralia online is the quickest and easiest way to obtain the visa required to travel to Australia. Travellers who meet the eligibility requirements and have all the necessary documents can expect to receive their eta within minutes. With an eta, visitors can enjoy all that Australia has to offer without having to worry about obtaining a separate visa before each trip.

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