He's going to cross the United States on a scooter: an Annécian's crazy bet

A dream come true for Emmanuel Avalle

Emmanuel Avalle, an Annécian with a passion for travel and extreme challenges, has achieved an extraordinary feat: travelling across the United States from Chicago to Los Angeles on an electric scooter. A ecological and sporting challengewhich required physical and technical preparation.

First stages of the journey

Having started his journey on 17 June, Emmanuel quickly traversed a variety of American landscapes, moving from noisy cities to desert areas, adapting his routes according to the weather and road conditions. Covering an average of 100 kilometres a dayThe challenge would seem insurmountable to some, but not to him!

  • Chicago as a starting point
  • the legendary Route 66
  • Los Angeles as final destination

The difficulties encountered in this unique challenge

Although the idea may seem original and exciting, Emmannuel has had to deal with some complicated situations during his adventure. Between unforeseen problems with equipment (batteries, chargers) and the vagaries of the weather, he had to draw on his resources to keep going.

Threatening weather

During his journey, Emmanuel was surprised by a violent storm in the middle of a desert area. The torrential rain and powerful winds forced him to find shelter quickly to avoid any accidents.

Battery and electrical equipment management

Despite his technical preparations, the young man often encountered problems recharging his scooter's batteries. He then had to carry out repairs and look for improvised solutions to continue his journey in complete safety.

The right equipment to cope with the unexpected

Selection of electric scooters

The choice of scooter was crucial for this expedition. After several trials, it was a model capable of travelling at speeds of up to 50 km/h thanks to its three engineswith a range of up to 140 kilometres, which was chosen to enable Emmanuel to tackle the long daily distances he had set himself.

Essential equipment

While the scooter is obviously essential for a challenge of this kind, other elements were needed to make the project a success:

  • a tent for sleeping in basic conditions
  • appropriate clothing to withstand climatic variations (warm, waterproof)
  • repair and maintenance tools to keep track of equipment
  • battery recharging equipment to give the electric scooter some autonomy.

An assessment of this extraordinary adventure

After several weeks on the road, Emmanuel Avalle finally arrived in Los Angeles on 1 August. A great source of pride for this young man with a passion for challenges, who can now pride himself on having achieved an unprecedented feat in the history of motor sport: covering more than 4,000 kilometres on an electric scooter!

Although aware of the difficulties he has encountered over the days, he remains optimistic about achieving his goal. He makes no secret of his desire to continue pushing the limits of everyday electric transport.

A strong message to raise awareness of environmentally-friendly transport

This resident of Annecy hopes to remind us that new forms of mobility can also be a fun and committed way to travel thanks to ecological awareness for a greener world. An inspiring example for all those who dream of getting away from it all while preserving our planet...

Marc Dupont

Marc is the ultimate adventurer. A former survival instructor, he has a penchant for wild destinations and extreme challenges. From skydiving in New Zealand to solo trekking in Patagonia, Marc shares his tips for having unforgettable adventures while staying safe.

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