A romantic itinerary in Amiens: from horse-drawn carriage rides to secret cafés

Amiens, the historic capital of Picardy, is a city full of hidden treasures. For an unforgettable romantic weekend, we suggest you discover this charming city on an itinerary that includes horse-drawn carriage rides and secret cafés.

Horse-drawn carriage rides in the lower town

Rides in carriage are one of the best ways to discover the picturesque beauty of Amiens and its cobbled streets. Slowly winding your way along these arteries lined with centuries-old buildings, you'll have plenty of time to observe the city's unique architecture and chat with your partner about the fascination of such a heritage.

Admire the hortillonnages from the horse-drawn carriage

Among the places not to be missed on your visit are the following hortillonnagesAmiens' iconic floating gardens. Comfortably installed in your horse-drawn carriage, you can admire these poetic landscapes made up of intertwined canals bordered by lush greenery.

Visiting the must-sees in Amiens

Other sites of interest on your horse-drawn carriage ride include the Notre-Dame d'Amiens CathedralYou can also visit the legendary Saint-Leu district and its canals lined with colourful houses.

Enjoy the unusual and fun aspects of the city

Finally, there's no doubt that you'll also appreciate the playful offered by these horse-drawn carriage rides. Amiens' coachmen will be delighted to share unusual anecdotes about their town with you, while taking care to punctuate their speeches with plenty of romantic pauses to admire the sights.

Enjoy a coffee in the heart of Amiens' secrets

After this cultural and instructive tour in a horse-drawn carriage, it's time to join one of the many cafés in the lower town for a well-deserved break. To accentuate the romantic aspect of your weekend, we suggest you choose your place of relaxation from among Amiens' most confidential addresses. Here are a few ideas that should delight your secret-seeking traveller's soul:

  • Le Café des Délices : Hidden away in a narrow alleyway in the Saint-Leu district, this café-boutique offers an intimate setting for enjoying hot drinks and sweet treats in a cosy atmosphere.
  • La Manufacture : Nestling in a restored former factory, this unusual venue is a café, restaurant and delicatessen all in one. The unique industrial decor, combined with subdued lighting, gives the place a romantic yet understated feel.
  • L'Atelier des Orfèvres : With its chic, hushed interior, this establishment is an enchanted place to sip a hot chocolate accompanied by homemade treats.

Take part in a cultural walk

The weekend would not be complete without a touch of culture. What could be better than taking part in one of the many themed walks organised by Amiens' various tourism operators? Strolling along the streets lined with historic monuments in the company of a passionate guide, you'll learn more about the artistic and architectural treasures of Amiens.

Guided tours for history lovers

For lovers of history or religious art, there are several options available. For example, you can take a guided tour of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Amiens. From the treasury to the stained glass windows, not forgetting the famous labyrinth, you'll be won over by this Gothic jewel that has yet to reveal all its secrets.

Marvel at the timber-framed houses

The timber-framed housesSome of the most typical buildings in Amiens town centre, particularly in the Saint-Leu district, are also well worth a visit. By taking a guided tour specially devoted to these picturesque buildings, you'll have the chance to enter some of these residences, whose facades bear witness to the lower town's flamboyant past.

Discover our industrial heritage on the Passe-Muraille trail

Let us tell you about working-class life in the 19th century by following the route of the Passe-Muraille walk. By visiting emblematic sites such as the eco-museum (a former factory converted into a museum) or the cité cheminote (a district formerly reserved for railway workers), you'll discover an industrial heritage rich in fascinating anecdotes.

All in all, Amiens is an ideal destination for a romantic weekend of discovery and escape. What could be more idyllic than letting yourself be guided by horse-drawn carriages, secret cafés and cultural walks to soak up the very special atmosphere of this low-lying town, which is sure to win you over?

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