Would you like to experience a Pékin Express-style road trip? It's possible: in Agen!

Do you dream of experiencing a duo adventure similar to those on Pékin Express? In Agen, this is now possible with the tourist programme offered by Destination Agen. Take off in a van and discover the charms of the Agen region, off the beaten track. Let's find out more about this new concept that allows couples to follow their own itinerary.

Destination Agen: an adventure for lovers of Colayrac Saint-Cirq

The Destination Agen team has devised a tailor-made week's adventure in the Agenais region for couples.. This project allows participants to discover the sublime landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the region, while enjoying a personalised and secret tour. This initiative was launched with season 2 of their programme entitled "Les habitants en vadrouille chez nous".

Audrey and Florian, a couple from Colayrac Saint-Cirq, were the first to embark on this adventure. Their journey, punctuated by encounters with local people and challenges to overcome, gave them an unforgettable week's experience off the beaten track.

Discover the Agenais in a different way

The concept of this duo road trip is simple: you set off in a converted van, without knowing your itinerary or planned stops in advance. Your objective? To let you be surprised by the hidden beauty of the Agenais region and experience authentic encounters with local people. local people who will help you discover their region from a new angle.

Along the way, you can sample local produce, take part in sporting, cultural or unusual activities and visit little-known places in the region. It's a great way to make memories together and strengthen your team spirit!

L'itinéraire bis: a unique adventure

This tourist programme is specially designed to offer adventure-seeking couples a memorable experience. Here are just a few reasons why it's well worth a try:

  • A personalised, secret tour Each itinerary is intended solely for the couple taking it. So you can follow your own route, different from that of the other participants. Ideal for making your trip even more unique and unforgettable.
  • Duo challenges Just like in Pékin Express, you'll have to overcome a variety of challenges together on your journey. It's a great way to test your adaptability, solidarity and team spirit.
  • Total immersion A road trip in a van will allow you to immerse yourself completely in local life and meet authentic local people. It's the ideal opportunity to talk, learn and open up to new cultures.
  • A change of scenery guaranteed The Agenais may be close to home, but this second itinerary will help you discover its best-hidden secrets. It's a great way to explore this beautiful region of south-west France.

How can you take part?

If you'd like to experience your own Pékin Express-style adventure in Agen, please contact the Destination Agen team, who will be delighted to work with you to develop a programme that meets your needs. your tailor-made road trip. You can also contact the tourist office directly to find out when the next departures are and how to sign up.

Embark on this unique experience, let yourself be guided by the wonderful surprises in store for you in the Agenais region and share some unforgettable moments as a duo on this exceptional road trip!

Marc Dupont

Marc is the ultimate adventurer. A former survival instructor, he has a penchant for wild destinations and extreme challenges. From skydiving in New Zealand to solo trekking in Patagonia, Marc shares his tips for having unforgettable adventures while staying safe.

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