What to do in Amiens in June: must-do activities [Advice]

June is an ideal time to take advantage of the activities and events on offer in Amiens. From concerts to exhibitions and cultural discoveries, the city offers plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with family and friends.

Attend the Chœur du Nord concert

The Zénith in Amiens welcomes the Chœur du Nord on Saturday 1 June 2024. This exceptional concert will feature guest star Jean Baptiste Guegan, whose incredible talent lies in his ability to bring the legend of Johnny Hallyday to life. For the duration of the evening, the Chœur du Nord will be performing its new programme, thrilling you with its majestic and powerful songs. Don't miss this not-to-be-missed musical event!

Celebrating the rebirth of the Synapse 3i association

Last June, everything burnt down during the riots in Amiens. But five months after this tragedy, the Synapse 3i association has risen from the ashes and is offering a range of events to celebrate this renewal. Take part in the workshops, conferences and meetings organised by this association, which is committed to culture, sport and leisure to support citizens and boost local life.

Amiens shops reopen their doors

After the urban violence in June, life is getting back to normal in Amiens. Six of the seven businesses affected by the events were able to reopenThanks in particular to support from Amiens Métropole. Residents can now once again take advantage of these local shops, a sign that the town is rebuilding and moving towards a better future.

Discover the births at Amiens Métropole Zoo

The Amiens Métropole Zoo announces the birth of a Humboldt penguin on 28 June. This new arrival is a great success for the zoo, which has only had two viable penguin births in five years. Take the opportunity to meet this little resident during your visit to the zoo and admire the other animals present in this area dedicated to the protection of endangered species.

  • Attend the Chœur du Nord concert at the Zénith in Amiens
  • Celebrating the rebirth of the Synapse 3i association
  • Rediscovering recently reopened shops in Amiens
  • Visit Amiens Métropole Zoo and meet the newborn penguin

In conclusion, June in Amiens offers a rich programme of events and activities to suit all tastes. Whether you're a music lover, an art and culture enthusiast, socially aware or just want to spend some time with the family, there's bound to be an activity that will appeal to you. So don't hesitate any longer and immerse yourself in the excitement of Amiens!

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